I Need My Monster – Interactive Children’s Book App

mzl.cqdkgkvs.175x175-75I Need My Monster, by Y.P.L. Yedioth Publishing Licensing LTD,  is a wonderful adaptation of the age-old “there’s a monster under my bed” tale. Written by Amanda Noll and Illustrated by Howard McWilliam. As a parent and a teacher of young children, I can’t stress enough the value of children listening to stories being read to them by fluent, expressive readers. The voices are full of expression, with each of the characters having their own unique voice. The sound effects and background music add to the story without distracting the user, which is a huge plus! This story is full of high-level vocabulary, which makes the story entertaining, engaging, and educational. The illustrations throughout the app are excellent and enhance the story. Each page is full of interactive opportunities for the users. When Mack the monster appears in the little boy’s dark room, he disappears when the user touches the lamp to make the little boy turn it on (before and after pictures included). One page even encourages the user to shake the iPad back and forth to make the monster’s tail appear from under the bed! (I included a picture to show the instructional graphic that pops up on the screen) The humorous and enjoyable storyline adds to the experience for children and adults alike. I highly recommend this app for users of all ages!


1. Matching (with 3 levels of difficulty to choose from) 2. Follow Me game: much like the Simon Follow Me game, except with monsters- fun and challenging. *Background music can be turned off without affecting the narration. * Choose from Read to Me or Read by myself *Auto turn pages (on or off)
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