iBiome-Ocean Review

ibiomeiBiome-Ocean by Springbay Studio Ltd is a refreshing app for kids to learn more about the science of biodiversity and enables children to explore the natural balance of ocean habitats. This app engages students and is geared for ages 7 - 12 giving a thorough overview of the how and what the oceans are all about. The focus is on the food chain and how the various ecosystems correlate to one another. This app promotes the importance of Earth Day every time it is played! ibiome2 The amusing Professor Bio presents brief summaries about the different habitats within the oceans with information about the creatures that live in oceans, what the oceans produce, and the importance of taking care of our environment. (Several students we worked with commented that he spoke too quickly and his voice was bothersome, this might be something to consider changing in the next update.) Over the course of the game four different biomes are visited, the Open Sea, the Kelp Bed, Tide Pool, and the Coral Reef. Kids learn about the different ecosystems, food webs, and how people adversely affect the environment by playing hands-on learning games. This topic is couldn't be more poignant at this point in our global society and the developers have the app available in several different languages enabling a larger population to learn about the integral part our oceans play in our everyday lives. Some of the games seemed too easy for the vocabulary that was being used, the developers may need to up the ante of the gameplay to match the content being presented.  
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