iGet Math: Addition

  isearchGet Math: Addition created by the company Learning With Meaning, is an app designed to provide math practice with the operation of addition for kids ages 5-8 (grades kindergarten through second grade). iGetMath: Addition is specifically designed to help kids make sense and understand the concept of addition and can help build strong foundational skills. The app starts off with numbers up to 10 and continues to build onto the sequence up to 100 as students become more skilled. The app is aligned with CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practice and has a great feature -  you can select specific number families to focus on more specific skills. The goal is to earn trophies, which can innately motivate kids to stay with the app. The application has 3 levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. The levels of game play (all are on by default, but can be turned off in settings) have settings that allow one to change the range of the operands (the maximum range is 100) and offers a few different shapes to graphically support the equations. The cute, yet simple shapes and their supportive movements are amusing, they do not distract at all, instead help to make the math practice easier. IMG_0765 The practice is divided into sessions. There are 19 additions in each session. Any practice level can be repeated as many times as necessary. Parental help can be engaged at the beginning of the game to choose the level. When I played this game along with elementary some school students, we all agreed that it is very easy to understand how to play. In short, the app is a very useful tool for kids who have just started to deal with numbers. The sounds and the graphics help kids to count by ones and by tens, they can also compose numbers by using the drawings, understand the meaning of the equations. Features
  • independent learning
  • 6 cute block shapes
  • range setting from 1-100
  • 3 different game scenes
  • complete 600 equations to win the game
  • common core aligned
  • base 10 block virtual manipulative
  • great for:
There are no in-app purchases, no ads, and no social media connections, it is in compliance with COPPA Easy + Common Core: Students create equations and learn the parts of each equation through 30 common core based quests. Hoot the owl gives students tasks like "Count all of the blocks under the first added", and "Touch the sum" to help them learn the parts of the equation. The easy level is discovery based, so students do not need to get the "right answer" in order to continue. Medium: One of the numbers in the equation is removed. Students must figure out what it is before moving on to solve the equation. Students are not allowed to move on before the right answer is determined. Beginning mathematicians may touch each block below the number to hear the number counted out loud. Hard: All of the numbers in the equation are missing. Students must figure out each number before moving on to the next. Students will not be allowed to solve the equation until the numbers are correct. The hard level feels like a puzzle to students and helps to bring the fun back into addition practice.   About the Author Tat@facebook_3Tatyana Belyavskaya graduated from St. Petersburg State University with an M.S. in statistics. She also earned her Ph.D. in Operations Research from the same university. Tatyana taught programming, statistics and numerical methods in Telecommunications University, St. Petersburg, Russia for more than 20 years. She moved with her family to the USA in 1991. Over the next 20 years, Tatyana was a software engineer, a Web designer, a database administrator, and an information systems analyst. Prompted by their grandkids’ math questions and problems, Tatyana and her husband, a software developer, decided to reach more children and help them master basic math skills. They founded the company Bel Math Apps and published a few tablet, phone and desktop applications for arithmetic practice. Tatyana’s hobby is the history of the world and the human civilization.
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