I’m Changing the World One Day at a Time. I Teach.

I'm Changing the World One Day at a Time. I Teach. Thanks for the inspiration, Krissy Vensodale. "So much is wrong in education. So much is out of our hands. I could write a blog post that’d stretch around the world.  Or, I could choose not to focus on that. What about what’s right? What can we have an effect on every day? Our classroom. Our kids. Our learning. We can get excited about our teaching so they’ll be excited about their learning.  We can help them explore the world through a variety of avenues.  We can encourage them to become good citizens.  We can change the world, one day at a time, starting right in our own classroom." KV So much is wrong in education and as I've stated in my past blog posts, I can't complain about the state of education, unless I am actively doing something to change what is wrong. I am vehemently against standardized testing and can't for the life of me understand why those in charge think that it is alright to judge anyone's teaching by the results of an inadequate assessment. It is not right and never will be to judge students by the results of a single test score. Case in point, I am a special education teacher and all of my students struggle in some way or another. My students need to be given assessments based on their individual levels, not on the grade they happen to be in. Where is common sense? With that said, today - just today, I made the decision that I am going to change my mindset. I am going to stop trying to understand all the "whys and why nots," that are presently driving the educational landscape. I'm not going to let the top-heavy bureaucracy with all new mandates bring me down. What I will do is give my students more of what they need. They need me, and they need me to do what I do best, teach. Education is the single most important building block of society. Research shows that educated individuals are both happier and healthier and that an educated society leads to a stronger economy. Who will educate the next generation? Teachers. One of the most powerful and effective ways teachers can help students is by modeling positive behaviors and developing sincere connections with them. Passionate teaching encourages and motivates, it promotes integrity and respect and provides students with opportunities to take ownership of their learning. I'm changing the world, one day at a time and concentrating on the what's right! And thanks to Krissy, I'm not going to write a mile long blog, I'm going to end here, on a positive note.
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3 Responses

  1. Rebecca

    Thank you so much!

  2. Natalia

    I loved the poster and the article! just want to add that as teachers, we are “actively doing something to change what is wrong”. Greetings from Guayaquil – Ecuador

  3. YEAH! It’s soooooo easy to get trapped into negative thinking, because, well, thinking negatively is easier! But, it’s so much more productive to DO something. So glad to read this post and hear that you are making the decision to proceed with positive thinking. You just made my day — and thank you for sharing my poster. 🙂