Inch Worm by White Pixels


Make Problem Solving Fun

175x175bbInch Worm by White Pixels is an addictive collection of maze puzzles for ages 6 to adult. Students lead Inch home, interacting along the way with cherries (eat them), acorns (push them out of the way), leaves (make bridges), snails (push them home), ladybugs (push and pull them), and dragonflies (annoying). Success requires skills in planning, problem-solving, logic and spatial relationships. Some students will plan Inch’s entire route. Others will look for the next step that does no harm. Appropriate sub goals help kids solve the advanced puzzles. Student’s different approaches are remarkably revealing. Everyone will make some mistakes, and learn from them! It’s all good. App Name:  Inch Worm by White Pixels Platforms:  iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, $0.99, no ads, no in-app purchases App Store: Website: Here are few quotes from our user testing with kids: “I love this game!”  -  Jack, Zoe “What I like about it: it’s tricky a little.”  -  Hazel “Just to tell you, there’s a big trap.”  - Oliver “I’m not going to tell you…. It’s pretty obvious.”  -  David “Finally. Took me long enough.”  -  Sean (big smile) “This game is actually quite fun.”  -  Titus “I have an idea.”  - Sophia “I know the secret.”  -  Emmy “I did it!” - Dean Rick Meyers White Pixels  |  Better games. Smarter kids.
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