Injini: Child Development Game Suite & Write My Name

NCsoft has a new app out! This review is a two-for, both the original Injini: Child Development Game Suite and their new release, Write My Name are highlighted. We have been using Injini: Child Development Game Suite for quite some time but held off on the review as we were unsure how our viewers would react to an app that cost $49.99. The app is chock full of great activities, it is a set of play-based iPad learning games for toddlers, preschoolers, and special needs kids. Recently, I spent several hours with a two children, aged two and four, who just couldn’t get enough it. It is easy to toggle between levels, so cooperation prevailed as these two towheads dove right in and learned the ropes. The youngest loved the balloon pop and as a teacher, I loved that the color words were spelled out. The four-year-old wanted to endlessly play the puzzle game but was willing to spend time in the other areas of interest.
There is a wide range of levels and I found several of the activities very suitable for an older student of mine that needed OT work/ fine motor skills. He was excited about the surprise that appeared after the lines were successfully traced, This app is user-friendly, intuitive, and the with a clean interface. And if you are not ready for the investment than trying the Injini: Child Development Game Suite Lite for FREE!

The new Write My Name app is the bargain of the century, presently it is priced at $1.99! This app will not disappoint, it is the perfect introduction to learning proper formation of the letters with an array of different activities. With Injini’s tracing engine, children learn how to write letters and words using the correct sequence and strokes without frustration Building motor-muscular memory is a key component to successful handwriting.Children are developing their handwriting skills by playing Write My Name, all while having FUN!

          Write My Name Highlights:
  • Alphabet book to practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Word cards to practice tracing over 100 common sight/Dolch words
  • Create 36 individualized name tags or phrases with pictures
  • Finger-paint mode to write with paint and see the letters exactly as traced
  • Calm background music that can be turned off or on in the options
  • Designed for school and home use
  • Superb artwork, music, and real voice files
  • Educational discounts for volume purchases
  • Intuitive game design promotes independent play
Word cards introduce over 100+ common sight words where children trace words in uppercase or lowercase letters. Once the word is traced, the word card comes to life with vibrant colors and animations. Trace the word a second time and a star stamp is added to the student’s word journal. These rewards encourage children to keep progressing through all the words provided. Project Injini designs exceptional learning experiences and assistive applications to improve the lives of children with special needs. Our team combines the talents of game developers with the expertise of early intervention specialists to deliver all the benefits that today’s computer games and digital media have to offer. Injini offers an exciting panorama for play and a fun way for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids alike to practice fundamental skills!
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2 Responses

  1. Cindy Wolf

    As comprehensive and engaging as Injini is for young children, it does not have enough for older students to sustain their attention very long or to justify the price tag. My 13 and 16 year old, who are developmentally 6 – 7 years old, felt that Injini was “baby games”. It’s a struggle to find appropriate apps at their reading level that are also something that a teen would find interesting. Injini has done a good thing by pricing Write My Name at $1.99. I hope to see more handwriting apps from them in the future. There are plenty for tracing individual letters, but none that work at the word or sentence level, beyond this one for the name.

  2. Alison R

    Great app to teach printing – kid friendly. My students LOVE that they can spell their name and their friends. Right now they have TOCA Hair Salon pictures as their actual pictures. I like that you can record their names so you don’t have to worry about a mispronunciation.