Marbotic ~ Interactive wooden toys for tablets

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Interactive wooden toys for tablets

Marbotic is a French innovative start-up born in 2012. As tech-lovers and education experts, they created the ultimate learning experience mixing traditional wooden toys and touchscreen technology! Cognitive studies have proven over and over again that kids learn best when they manipulate physical objects. Marbotic is based on the foundations of the Montessori method, which has been one of their strongest inspirations.
We all know kids love tablets. But are tablets good for kids? At Marbotic, they believe that if you use the full interactivity of the screen, then it becomes a very powerful learning tool. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are the three basic skills that every kid needs to learn, why not we make the experience fun? marbotic TWA
Marbotic takes great pride in every detail, from the design of the wooden blocks to the apps themselves. Young kids absorb so much that all children deserve the best sensorial experience possible.
Marbotic technology is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Marbotic connected toys are made of the same quality wood that is also used for Montessori tools. This is a connected world and today’s kids are born in it. As an edtech company, Marbotic illustrates that technology can enrich the learning experience of all children.marbotic imagination
Stamp a wooden piece on the tablet’s screen and let the magic happen! Start to learn counting, reading and writing with these beautiful interactive wooden toys for tablets. Kids are naturally creative and we are committed to helping them develop this talent. With our wooden toys, they are free to play with or without a tablet, to invent their own games, with their own rules.
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