Internet Safety, an Issue We Should Pay Great Attention to


Internet Safety, an Issue We Should Pay Great Attention to

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both”. These words can’t possibly be wrong when it comes to politics and government issues. But let’s forget about questions of democracy and country manager for a while and come down to earth. Every parent wants what’s best for their children. We want them to be healthy and well. There are just no excessive measures to provide and protect kids’ well-being. In modern world, with all its dangers and flaws, families have to be more attentive to what their beloved children are doing and what people they communicate with. This means that control is not something that can be neglected. Complex of measures should be provided to ensure safety. And it is only up to parents. Anyone, who says, that it is wrong, or that it’s better to let kids be kids without parents controlling every step they make, is just not totally aware of all the dangers that their beloved child might face without their parents even knowing. It is not about taking freedom from kids. It is about making them secured. Going viral from early years Growing Wireless provided a vast piece of statistics stating that 56% of children ages 8 to 12 already have a cellphone. It is obvious that the percentage will only increase as well as number of parents using mobile apps to check their kids’ location, what content they see, etc. This trend may seem as unnecessary overprotectiveness, but it would be unwise trying to oppose it. In modern world children and their families need to provide safety measures more than ever.  8% of children have actually met strangers they encountered online. What makes the situation even more terrifying is the fact that 26% of juveniles are deleting their browser history to hide it from their parents. Families may not even be aware of dangers, their kids are exposed to. Bullies, bullies everywhere! Physical harm is far not the only hazard youngsters may face today. Virtual world hides a lot of dangers as well. Cyberbullying is proven to have a great negative impact on mental health of a person, especially on a light tender mind of a child. provides terrifying numbers: in 2014 more than a half of young people reported to be cyberbullied via their smartphones or computers. Software that helps Most of the parents do understand the dangers of children going viral and do their best to prevent anything bad happening. Markets are overfilled with parental control applications that give various opportunities to protect children, including tracking the location of a child, monitoring internet activity, checking SMS/MMS, and much more. Companies even provide demo-versions of such options on their sites that can be used for up to a month. Those applications are easy-to-use and designed to meet needs of different families. Sites like Tomsguide, Pocket-lint, Top Ten Reviews, and many others (easily found using Google or any other search engine), provide lists of and reviews for different parental control software. Finding the right app is not a problem at all. Trust is the best protection people-315907__340Still, it’s a pity that too many families believe spyware and parental controls to be the only measure needed to secure children. They are helpful, but they can’t be a cure-all. The best protection we could give them is trust and collaboration. If there is a strong bond between family members, there is nothing they possibly can’t overcome. When a kid talks to their parents about experiencing something bad, it is much more likely to eliminate any harm that might follow. Children need guidance even if they don’t want to understand it. And when it comes to internet dangers same rules are applicable. The web became such an irreplaceable part of our daily life that it cannot be labeled as a trend or a toy. Adults should educate their kids about how to behave in the virtual world, what they should avoid and most importantly, let them realize that parents are always there to help and give advice. There is nothing bad in using special software. As I said, it should be a complex of measures, as you can never know, what and how your kid might encounter. Internet safety is an issue that has to be paid attention to. Neglecting it leads to far more dangerous results than bad behavior. Education process, the physical and mental health of a child may be irreversibly affected if we do not take actions. I thank all the families and people involved in a fight for protecting the security of our kids. Let’s never stop and make the internet a safe place.   AIbEiAIAAABECK33sfeYuJ-F3AEiC3ZjYXJkX3Bob3RvKigzNzFmMjE0OWRkNjc5NjE0M2I5ODA3NjY3NWQwODM4ZDgwMDUzYTBmMAEO47F17QBfG1iWfz2bxdPj-alD0wWade Kelsey is a Marketing Department Specialist from Ohio. He lives with his four-year-old son, wife and a Golden Retriever. After the birth of his kid, he devoted a fair bit of his time to learning about child upbringing, psychology, and education.    
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