iOS Application, Feelings with Milo – Hits the App Store

Doonan Speech Therapy & Wisen launch a mobile application for children’s emotional literacy.

  Milo_FeelingEmotional Literacy is the ability to recognize, understand and appropriately express our feelings. A growing body of research demonstrates that Emotional Literacy is a key component of healthy human development and socialization. The inability to effectively understand and appropriately express our emotions causes us many problems and reduces our ability to live fully engaged, vibrant lives. The value of Emotional Literacy applies to everyone, including and especially children with special needs. “If kids do not have the skills to understand what they are feeling and how to properly label it, and how to regulate their strong feelings when necessary, they will not be successful in the classroom.” -- Maurice Elias, Rutgers University Feelings with Milo - A mobile application for parents and therapists that teach kids to understand, manage and express their feelings. The iOS app provides a simple and fun way for parents and therapists to work with children to explore their feelings and demonstrate that, however powerful, they come and go. Children identify the image of Milo that best represents what they are feeling. This allows them to see that their feelings are normal and shared by others. The Feelings Train then shows children how their emotions have changed over time, showing that no matter what they are feeling right now, it won’t last forever. The Feelings Train also provides Feelings with Milo gives parents and therapists a mobile app that turns any experience, no matter where you are, into an opportunity for emotional learning. “I love what the 'Milo team' is doing to help kids develop emotional literacy skills through the use of the Milo app.” Susan Schenk, O.T., Feelings with Milo is a partnership between Wisen and Doonan Speech Therapy. "Children's Emotional Literacy is something that has been on our radar for some time. We jumped at the chance to work with Wisen to create a useful tool to help kids, parents, and therapists tackle this important issue." -- Poorani Doonan, M.S., CCC- SLP Wisen creates tracking and analysis tools that support wellness and foster positive change. Poorani Doonan, a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, is the creator of Speech with Milo, which has been downloaded over 250,000 times and awarded “Best in Education” by and “Top 5 Apps in 2103” by the Center for Digital Education. The app is available for download from iTunes and can be found here
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3 Responses

  1. Milo would love to come and live at my two school sites! The kiddos will take great care of him!

  2. Leila

    Love this idea for my students!!

  3. Amy

    Can’t wait to try feelings with milo. Speech with milo is a favorite in my therapy room!