“There isn’t really any common core anymore….”

    devos-hearing-620x412 "What an incredible waste of time, money, energy and what a disservice to our children!" This was my first impression after reading this Ed Week article. I retired from teaching because of the Common Core - I even wrote a blog titled, Common Core Pushed Me Out the Door. In my opinion, the worst part of the whole Common Core fiasco is the detrimental impact that it has had not only on our student's education but on their self-esteem. Not to mention that in all my years of teaching, I had never seen teacher morale at such an all-time low. I used to LOVE my job and had no intentions of retiring until slowly, everything started to change. The breaking point for me was when I began to administer standardized test after standardized test to my students with special needs with the only accommodation being extra time. First of all, these tests were simply not designed for these students and therefore extra time served no form of accommodation. EVEN if their IEP stated it, it was essentially punishment. I witnessed crying children saying, "I thought I could read!" and my attempt at comforting them by saying, "You can read, just not at this level," did not even begin to undo the damage done by living in the CCSS climate of excessive testing. EdWeek Reports U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos seems to be indicating that, as far as she's concerned, the Common Core State Standards aren't really a big point of discussion in education any longer. But how did she express that idea, and does it hold up to scrutiny? Now whatDuring a Fox News interview Monday, anchor Bill Hemmer asked DeVos whether the U.S. Department of Education would withhold federal money from states that use the standards.But Hemmer pressed her again on the question about withholding federal funds over the common core. DeVos replied, "There isn't really any common core anymore. Each state is able to set the standards for their state. They may elect to adopt very high standards for their students to aspire to and to work toward. And that will be up to each state." teacher upsetCertainly, I wasn't the only teacher to leave the teaching profession due to the CCSS, this fiasco also had the younger set opting out of following their career path and at one point this was reported: NEA Survey: Nearly Half Of Teachers Consider Leaving Profession ... Want more? Here are many blogs I penned during the time the CCSS were being implemented: https://www.teacherswithapps.com/old-way-vs-the-new-way-is-common-core-ruining-your-childs-life/ https://www.teacherswithapps.com/breaking-news-common-core-nys/ https://www.teacherswithapps.com/obliterate-common-core/ https://www.teacherswithapps.com/common-core-doesnt-add-stem-success-wsj/ https://www.teacherswithapps.com/ready-or-not-the-common-core-is-here/ https://www.teacherswithapps.com/whats-your-brand-of-common-core-change/ https://www.teacherswithapps.com/blog-is-core-curriculum-rotten/   imgres-1
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