CI7el_mWgAAwFr4Wow, just beginning Monday of ISTE 2015 and it can't get any better, tall ships out the window and a reminder of last night’s fireworks! Monday Morning started with coffee and a long shuttle ride to the conference center. Nevertheless, we caught some great presentations and were inspired by the focus on children and the necessity to concentrate on the whole child. images-2-1The opening keynote last night by revered Soledad O'Brien was beyond inspiring, she is a broadcast journalist, executive producer, philanthropist and entrenched in education for all. The message was loud and clear - we need to have equal access to high-speed Internet, including all schools whether they be rural or urban or underprivileged. The remark "I think the technology for technology's sake is a complete waste,” was a powerful and well-taken remark. By now all of this is old news but the lack of wifi and the power packed schedule offered at this conference made blogging a difficult choice, (not to mention how slow the wifi in the hotel room was). Here I am, just now publishing my first blog post on the train on my way home! Imagine that, every year it gets more and more difficult to get work done at this enormous gathering. Meeting old friends and making new ones seemed to be trending. The face to face interactions seemed to prevail and no one seemed to mind the lack of wifi after hours. The whole city must have been affected by the influx of what they are now saying was over 21,000 attendees. CI7oIzuXAAENkeu 3The Internet not even spotty, nonexistent at the Convention Center/Expo, highlights of the day: • Workshops, Presentations and the usual stop at the bloggers café • Pitch Fest with Zyrobotics, , Mathspace and much more • Lunch with Celia Gong from the FAB app, Injini and the • Expo meet up with Curriculum Associates, Otus, and Gripcase, et. al. • Wonderful meet up with Ed Tech Women at the ISTE Networking Mixer • Reunion of many of the "20 to Watch in Tech" for the next 20 years with Ann Flynn, NSBA Director of Technology & Leadership NetworkTom Lapping from JDL Horizons sponsored by TechSmith, and hosted by Doug O'Brien • Hard Rock Café with new friends Chris and Sam from Otus and great friends Drew and Brad, from Daqri Education and Two Guys and Some iPads. Let's not forget what President Obama said over a year ago, "In a country where we expect free WiFi with our coffee, we should definitely demand it in our schools."
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