ISTE2016 Day 2

imageTWA is at ISTE2016 in the sky high city of Denver! The sky is a deep vast blue, and we are all set to explore the richness of the community of all things tech in education. There are over 14,000 attendees this year, all aglow in anticipation for what is to come. ISTE is a community that is driven by the love of educating children to be the best they can be. Collaboration and sharing of materials are the key so that everyone who attends walks away with something fresh and inspirational. Here is a snapshot of some of the golden nuggets we found on our initial mining the levels of halls and exhibits of this immense space. imagePeekapack is a new company that combines reading and writing standards with social-emotional learning. They currently have a series of 20-minute lessons that are a snap to add to any classroom routine. The lessons cover a variety subjects that are then modeled by a set of adorable characters in a story. Teachers can then open up discussions as well as send home updates, discussion starters, and digital storybooks to broaden the lessons across domains between home and school. Topics include units on kindness, gratitude, and self-regulation. Peekapack is not only setting the groundwork for kids to develop those precious executive functioning skills that are measures of success but are also helping lead the way. Take a peek at their website for more info: Can be found in the Blogger's Cafe or Playgrounds imageBee-bots from Terrapin Tools for Thinking are marvelous little devices to teach the basics of coding to young children. Although they are one of the oldest and most experienced companies in teaching kids to code, their materials remain fresh and fun. These little bots are built to last, and can be combined with any curriculum - be it math, science, or simply learning the ABC's. Using the teaching mat can be combined with active problem solving and assisted by physically planning out the moves your bee-bot needs to make. This will help cement sequencing and the ability, bluebee Pals to motor plan across domains and makes the exercises relevant to everyday routines. There is a variety of teaching devices that are graded to the skill level of the student and supporting accessories. Check out their website at or terrapin for more information. Booth 3906 imageLearning A-Z from is a supplementary reading and comprehension curriculum for kids Pre-K to 5th grade. Their product, HeadSprout, has been chosen by Head Start Programs nationwide to set kids up to be the best that they can be. Each program in the suite, reading, writing, science, is specifically tailored to begin where the child is currently successful and begins to expand on their skill sets. The programs are tested by kids and reinforcers were designed And modified by kids to keep motivation high. Their website is a wondrous source for educators: Booth 923 Stay tuned for more highlights from ISTE! Where we will share more of our must-see sessions and booths.  
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