istelogo  ISTE2016. International Society of Technology Education hosts an annual convention where over 14,000 educational technology gurus gather annually. Educators who love technology can geek-out together in a safe and fun atmosphere. The thought of this awe-inspiring meeting causes heart rates to increase, smiles to spread across faces, and levels of excitement to rise. However, a gathering of educators of this magnitude is bound to be overwhelming, especially for a first-timer such as myself—it is. Thousands of like-minded individuals crowded into a convention center scurrying around is enough to make even the most laid-back person go into sensory overload. However, once you look past the people and concentrate on absorbing the wealth of knowledge surrounding you, the din quickly dies down. What you are left with are priceless opportunities to learn and develop your teaching, enhance your students’ education, gain insight into new technologies, and create and maintain professional relationships that keep you motivated and engaged throughout the year. convention ISTE is special! Those of us in the ed tech field are often seen as “odd” and are frequently misunderstood but ISTE is a place where everyone speaks the same language—educational technology. Some are just beginning to babble while others have invented their own dialects. However, educators in this field, no matter their fluency, are open to learning each other’s dialects and love teaching others’ about theirs. ISTE offers such a wide variety of technology interactions that one is never lacking for something to learn.  Technology playgrounds, BYOD, lectures, and posters abound. Not to mention the amazing Keynote speakers,  Campfires, The Bloggers Cafe, Exhibition Hall and Networking Opportunities that completely surround all attendees. Teachers work tirelessly to build on one another’s ideas in order uplift and inspire others. ISTE’s annual convention is a gem in the educational field. This is one gathering that should not be missed,   Click to learn more about some of the products featured this year at ISTE.
Tiggly Shape’s Got Talent
Sphero + Ollie = Robotics Fun
Learn to Code with Puzzlets – Cork the Volcano
Wonder Will Win You Over!
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