ISTE2016 – Liberating the Genius Within

images-1ISTE2016 - Launched ISTE’s Annual Conference and Expo has been the premier forum in which to learn, exchange ideas and survey the field of education technology. Jackie, Angela, Jayne (1)This giant conference offers something for everyone, and I am remiss in not getting my first blog up after opening ceremonies last night! Surprisingly, time caught up with me and I fell asleep mid-post. First off what a pleasant surprise to finally meet Angela Maiers right off in the Bloggers Cafe. She and Jackie Gerstein were deep in conversation about the concept, "Choose2Matter" luckily I wiggled my way into the conversation and learned about the latest initiative that Angela is promoting with students leading the way, Mad about MatteringThe first step to helping students reach their true potential is to show them how much they matter—to you, to themselves, and to the world. bookcoverNext up, in looking to find some preschool colleagues I happened across the amazing Gail Lovely and her partner, Gayle Berthiaume, authors of Suddenly it Clicks and pre school guru. Don't miss the EARLY LEARNING NETWORK PLAYGROUND: YOUNG @ HEART -- COME PLAY AND LEARN Monday, June 27, 12:30–4:00 pm - CCC Concourse E. It isn’t just about clicking the mouse or tapping the screen, it’s about making sense in your head. Yes… we use technology as a tool, but the bigger moment is when it makes sense in your heart and in your head, when, Suddenly It Clicks! IMG_3381Keynote by Michio Kakutheoretical physicist, bestselling author, acclaimed public speaker, renowned futurist, and popularizer of science and an INCREDIBLE speaker. Author of the "The Future of the Mind" was slated to present Explore Crossroads Between the Brain and Learning, and I was expecting an invigorating emphasis on neuroscience and the major breakthroughs that are happening every day as they relate to learning. No, it was all about the future and believe me it was mind-boggling! Kaku's talk was on a "world tour" of current thoughts on the landscape to expect in the future. Coming soon more about: The Genius Hour and its latest announcement.... Choose to Matter Liberating Genius imgres-1      
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