iWorld Geography Earth’s Continents

iWorld Geography Earth's Continents, by TenSun Interactive, is a release for the primary level students to begin learning geography. It highlights the seven continents with various engaging activities working with all modalities. It was designed by Lead Developer at MIT's Center for Educational Computing Initiatives and based on the Montessori Method of self-directed learning. TenSun puts children in charge of their learning by allowing them to control the challenge level and depth of their lesson. There is no penalty for a wrong answer. The correct answer is simply reinforced. As a result, activities are self-correcting. Children are free to work independently, in a small group, or with the help of a supervising adult at home or in the classroom. Earth's Continents includes: • Active intro - touch continent to hear its name • Passive intro - watch animation introducing continent names, choose spoken narration or song • Ask-Me quiz - touch button to be asked to locate a continent, touch continent to answer • Puzzle - reconstruct the map • Labeling - place pin inside continent named on challenge label, touch light bulb to study control map We love the simplicity of this app and the friendly navigation system. Little kids can virtually use this app on their own and figure it all out seamlessly.
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