JDL Horizons — An Ed Tech Gem

JDL Horizons - An Ed Tech Gem

When Tom Lapping, the CEO of JDL Horizons contacted Teachers With Apps asking for a review of Eduvision,  Eduvision is a video storage management platform that gives schools eduvison logocomplete control over the videos published on their sites.  Eduvision sites are specific to a school or district, contain no advertisements, and are extremely easy to use.   Tom's generous nature and his team of colleagues were outstanding.  Along with the grant of technology and the experience using video editing software....  the time his staff took to walk me through how to use everything went above and beyond normal protocol.  There were phone calls, Hangouts, Skype sessions and each one was be led by JDL’s experts in that particular field using Eduvision. Camtasia  I was honored to have an opportunity to learn from the best.   skoolbo Tom also works with several educational technology businesses.  Skoolbo is one of his clients.  During our meeting, he suggested I speak to Skoolbo--a free game-based learning platform.  He introduced me to the company and with his help, got over 200 of my student's set-up with an account.  My students and their parents LOVED Skoolbo and I was inspired to write another review.  skoolbo2 Tom and I began brainstorming about our next project.  He wanted to create a video of my students using Skoolbo.  To do this, he would need to travel to my school.  Tom, Brian, and I set-up a date and two weeks later I had a CEO and professional filmmaker in my classroom.    Brian spoke to the group about how to take care of video equipment, how to frame a quality shot, about video composition, and shared some of his film-making adventures.  The children were fascinated!  Brian and Tom also filmed the kids having a blast on Skoolbo and created a video that can be seen at https://goo.gl/dL7iKj. brian2 My experience with JDL Horizons has afforded me and my students' opportunities that I could have never imagined.  My school has grown leaps and bounds in the world of educational technology in a few short months.  My elementary students are producing and editing videos independently.  They write, film, and produce app reviews independently (you can view them twa.eduvision.tv). They are at a point where they teach me.  Our live streaming activities are becoming more and more popular and allow school programs and ceremonies to be televised worldwide and viewed by family and friends, thereby extending our reach into our community.     Thanks, To,m JDL Horizons’ Eduvision rocks, I highly recommend it!   Read Eduvision's full review here Read Skoolbo's full review here  
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