Join Little Polar Bear on His Discovery Adventure

Icon-300_(2)NorthSouth Books is delighted to announce the upcoming release of its new animated children's book, NorthSouth Books, written and illustrated by the award winning author Hans de Beer. Little Polar Bear is set for release on March 7, and will be available in freemium and full-paid versions on iOS and Amazon Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD devices from iTunes and the Amazon Marketplace. The full version of Little Polar Bear is available at $3.99 USD from Amazon, while there are various options for downloading additional book pages and fun games from $1.99 via iTunes, although all content can be accessed at the same price as Amazon if purchased together. Journalists wishing to download a pre-release version of Little Polar Bear can request a promo code from appromoter online or by emailing This animated edition of Little Polar Bear is based on the critically acclaimed book series of the same name, which originally saw eight titles released from 1987 - 2001 and has enjoyed global sales of over 10 million copies in 26 languages. The global success of the Little Polar Bear book franchise has translated across to other platforms, too, with a hit television series, seven computer games, and a musical inspired by de Beer's work. 2001 and 2005 saw the release of two films based on the story, after the Warner Bros. film studios acquired the adaptation rights to Little Polar Bear. Even some postage stamps in Germany and Switzerland carry images of Lars, the Little Polar Bear. Little Polar Bear tells the story of Lars, a polar bear who has never known anything other than his natural habitat of snow and ice. Children join Lars as he heads off on an adventure to places he never knew existed, from lush rainforests to deserted islands. Gameplay seamlessly integrates into the story itself, with three mini-games allowing the reader to help Lars avoid icy obstacles, soar high in the sky with an eagle, and swim the seas with whales on his journey as he attempts to get home to his Father. Little Polar Bear is read by a narrator, however children have the option of showing the text at the foot of the screen, allowing them to follow the story as it is being read. This allows Little Polar Bear to double as a helpful tool for developing literacy skills as well as being an entertaining story. Whether used as a bedtime story, an entertainment platform, or for teaching a child how to read and speak, Little Polar Bear is set to become a hit with parents and children around the world. About Hans de Beer: Hans de Beer is the author of the globally successful 'Little Polar Bear' series, as well as many other popular books for children. About the development: The Little Polar Bear app was designed and programmed by Andreas von Lepel, the award-winning ("Indie Prize Europe 2013") creator of Freeze!, a highly successful puzzle game for iOS and Android that ranked #1 in 36 countries in the Games category on the Apple App Store. Little Polar Bear YouTube Video NorthSouth Books was established in the 1980's by Swiss based NordSud Verlag. Their philosophy is to bring books to children from all corners of the globe. NorthSouth Books is now delighted to be able to that digitally, too! Copyright (C) 2013 NorthSouth Books. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.
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