Junior Astronaut – Breaking through the space barrier

  imgresJunior Astronaut - Breaking through the space barrier, by Immediate Media Company Bristol Limited, is out of this world! This app was designed specifically for the iPad by some very experienced people in the field and it shows. Adam Mann, Wired magazine's space, and physics correspondent was at the heart of the discovery process and readers are encouraged to learn through active participation. Join Junior Astronaut and learn what it takes to actually Break through the space barrier!mzl.daystixk.480x480-75 The visuals are simple and very reminiscent of the 60's when space travel became a reality and authors were inspired to write and illustrate books in this genre. This app provides deep interactivity and creative storytelling to engage, entertain and educate a wide age-range audience. The developers recommend this app for kids aged 9-15. We had kids much younger totally on board with the science and wonders of space travel. Tough topics covered are gravity, mass, weight and forces. They are then applied to exciting, hugely interactive science-packed adventures. A grand finale challenges readers to assemble a rocket from correctly chosen parts, which leads to a terrific takeoff and a congratulatory “Junior Astronaut” designation. American readers may miss English equivalents to the metric measurements, but this may be a reminder that the rest of the world doesn't do pounds and miles. Science covered: • The early development of rockets and gunpowder • Air resistance, drag, and aerodynamics • Mass, weight, and gravity • Actions and reactions • Forces and their effects PLUS Build your own rocket and test your new knowledge in the Rocket Academy!    Features:mzl.ptlqlaoa.480x480-75 • Written, designed and illustrated for the iPad • 28 interactive scenes, each hand-crafted to tell the story of man's greatest achievement • Original artwork by British illustrator Chris Madden • Original music featuring real space communication recordings! • Readers learn through interacting with the content as opposed to just listening or reading • No third-party advertising Download the first 9 chapters for free and unlock the remaining content with an in-app purchase.   
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