Cocoons and Caterpillars: A Stella and Sam Adventure

  Cocoons and Caterpillars: A Stella and Sam Adventure, is the latest Stella and Sam app just released by Zinc RoeStella and Sam apps are based on the television show and bestselling picture book series by Marie-Louise Gay and published by Groundwood Books Inc. Some may say this is not a book, but a game. Since its origins are from a published book series... and we so adore the characters, we are reviewing this under our "Just Books" category. However, this is much more than just a book, as so many books turned apps are today. Stella and Sam in the Cocoons and Caterpillars is a wonderful introduction to spring which is right around the corner. In this story, the characters and their friend, Fred the dog, flit and fly about as they pretend to be delightfully different creatures emerging from cocoons. Children can benefit from the modeling that Stella, Sam, and Fred demonstrate as they use their imaginations to have a fabulously fun time! This is one story all parents are going to want to share with their children, as well as any teacher gearing up for some spring science or who just wants to promote free thinking and play. Play along with Stella and Sam and their dog Fred as they discover the joy of nature’s shifting shapes and hidden identities. Color the wings of a butterfly, sing along with the songbirds, and trace out pictures in the clouds. All Stella and Sam Apps include English and French, which can be adjusted in the settings menu of your device. Stella and Sam books have been translated into fifteen different languages and they have sold over one million copies! They are loved by children all over the world.           STELLA: “Caterpillars turn into cats. This one's going to be a dog.” SAM: “Fred, were you a dogerpillar?” Each Stella and Sam Adventure Features: -Beautiful full-screen animation -Three fun and simple games -Quick navigation by chapter and game -Support for English and French From zinc Roe games, the makers of the award-winning Tickle Tap Apps, the Stella and Sam Interactive Adventures combine stunning animation with three elegantly-designed activities.  
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