Kiddom App – The #1 Thing You’re Missing Out On

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Kiddom App - The #1 Thing You’re Missing Out On, K-12 Teachers...  

It’s no secret that we love Kiddom.  What you may not know quite yet, however, is how easy their app will make your life, between the data presentation, planner, timeline, and content library!   

Posting an assignment is just as fast and efficient.  The app aligns the task you set, its due date and grading scale, with the standards tested and students targeted.  If for example, you had three stations working on three different focuses in class, it’s a breeze to differentiate assignments for each group.  Kiddom then synthesizes easy-to-read reports for your classes based on their assignments, charting their level of mastery.  Kiddom takes this data one step further, allowing you to designate assignments to your students based on their mastery of the subject.  Perhaps you want to challenge your top students with more complicated concepts without overwhelming your entire class.  This is made simple by selecting the mastery level you are targeting on a particular subject for each assignment; Kiddom has created these groupings of students in a drop-down list for you 

All assignments are organized for you with the timeline and planner features.  The timeline neatly displays your classes’ tasks- past, present, and future- giving you a clear picture for tying up your to-do list and anticipating your week ahead.  The planner allows you to carefully construct your units with the use of assignments and playlists, which you can drag over to your timeline as you see fit.  Don’t forget that you have access to their entire library of content in the meantime, from which you can use, borrow, or draw a lesson and assignment inspiration!    

If something is unclear, you can reach out directly to a Kiddom employee via chat through the app; they answered my question promptly, both in the chat and through email.  Any further questions can be tackled on their computer platform with the help of their MANY online support guides.  You can scroll through the how-tos of transitioning to standards-based grading or get a guided breakdown of blended learning implementation for your classroom.  

From start to finish, you can sign up for the app, invite your students, and post assignments within minutes.  The free Kiddom app allows you to name your class(es), making organization a cinch for teachers juggling more than one group.  You can invite students through any one of a few quick steps: individually, through Google Import, or by utilizing a class code that allows them to access the forum.

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