Kiddom Has It All!

kiddom imageKiddom is an intuitive, free platform specifically developed for teachers of all grade levels.  This one platform organizes EVERYTHING in ONE location--grades, curriculum/lesson planning, standards tracking, and data compilation. First, teachers create classes and enroll students (students can even add themselves).  Teachers assign digital or non-digital assignments.  Digital assignments can be created in Google Drive and imported into Kiddom.  Next, attach educational standards to each assignment. Then, students complete the digital assignments through their Kiddom account and submit them to their teachers or they can complete their non-digital assignments and turn it into their teacher by hand.  

Grading and Data Collection

Teachers grade the digital assignments in Kiddom and the non-digital assignments on paper and enter the final grades of both into the platform. The next part is pure magic.  Kiddom not only serves as a teacher’s grade book, but it also turns the grades into usable data.  Typically, the words “data collection” are what teachers’ nightmares are made of.  Kiddom takes those words and turns the negative stigma around.   unnamedGraphs demonstrating the class percentage of success with the assigned standards are automatically created.  Kiddom even breaks the data down for individual children so teachers can easily locate the standards/skills each student has and hasn’t mastered.  It makes writing, planning, and differentiating instruction easier than it’s ever been, leaving more time in a teacher's day to plan quality, engaging lessons and activities.  Kiddom believes that the majority of a teacher's day should be spent teaching students, not interpreting their data. The tools available in Kiddom make this feasible. Another huge benefit is that access to this data makes parental communication more effective and efficient. Now, when parents ask about what skills their children need to work on, a teacher is armed with specific information that is EASY TO FIND!

Additional Features

kiddom contentKiddom is created and maintained by current, former, and soon-to-be teachers.  As a result, teachers’ needs have been prioritized. Features that are overlooked in other platforms take center-stage.  First, it includes an extensive content library. The content library includes activities and videos that can be assigned to students within the app.  The developers know that teachers don’t have time to create everything they need from scratch--why reinvent the wheel? So, the developers made sure to include a way for teachers to include high-quality, pre-made activities leaving more time for teachers to design high-quality instruction. Teachers can also choose to differentiate assignments. Assignments can be given to ALL the students in the class or just a few of them.  Another huge benefit is that all the standards are included within the app. This means that adding them to an assignment is very easy. Common Core Standards and standards for individual states are all included. What's more, Kiddom keeps a running tally of the standards that have been covered, allowing teachers to gain a quick visual of the standards that have and have not been touched upon throughout the year.   Pre-written and customizable rubrics are also included making an individualized assessment as easy as it has ever been. Kiddom has been on the market a little over a year and a half--an infant in technological terms.  As a result, the team knows there is still work to be done. For example, streamlining the process for assigning student work using platforms other than Google Drive is a priority.  While these currently exist in the app, Google remains the best option.  Additionally, the ability to annotate assignments within the app is in the works. Collaboration between teachers and a school-wide version are also on the horizon. Teachers, there is a new player in the educational market. This FREE resource is extraordinarily easy-to-use. However, when questions arise, chat with the friendly staff via the Kiddom website or choose from several available PD resources posted on the website. You won't want to miss out on this spectacular, classroom enhancing platform. kiddom playgrond
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  1. Very interesting post. I would like to know more about Kiddom.