Kiddom is a Blended Learning Classroom’s Best Friend!

unnamed-1Kiddom is a Blended Learning Classroom's Best Friend!

We have talked quite a bit about blended learning in the past couple years, watching it rise from a buzzy new possibility to an implementable tool, to becoming well on its way to an inevitable (and beneficial!) reality.  We’ve mentioned them in the past, but we’d like to particularly spotlight Kiddom as an extremely successful platform for supporting and seamlessly integrating blended learning.  

One of Kiddom’s greatest strengths is their downloadable learning guides, providing a definition, outline, and set of resources on a range of topics from the flipped classroom to social-emotional learning.  This, of course, includes a blending learning guide, which opens as a comprehensive PDF guide where Kiddom aims at “provid[ing] educators with a better understanding of how to implement blended learning programs, particularly in schools using standards-based or competency-based grading, as well as explor[ing] the ways in which [we] can support this effort.”

Setting this intention, Kiddom goes on to do exactly that in the guide; breaking down the modalities, discussing their compatibility with different classrooms and standards, and driving the blended learning keystones of communication, personalized instruction, and student-driven learning.  


With these focuses in mind, it’s easy to see how the platform is a good fit for such a method.  Kiddom’s smartphone app is as easy to use as its desktop platform, offering the flexibility and fluid participation required to uphold strong student-teacher communication.  The planner and timeline allow for focused organization of your upcoming weeks, which is essential when beginning to frequently differentiate assignments and learning stations.  It is this ability to differentiate assignments to certain groupings of students that pairs so well with blended learning, which is inherently designed to make learning more personalized and approachable.  It’s not nearly so intimidating to think of the separate needs of twenty-something students (or more!) when you are just a couple of clicks away from creating several assignments, selecting the students for each, and sending it off to an application.  

What Kiddom humbly does so well is to make teachers the driving forces behind blended learning classrooms, taking the guesswork out of how to get started.  The idea of “technology as a babysitter” is over; you actively set the tasks, you control the lessons, you interpret your students and their pacing, and you use technology as the champion of personalized learning that we know it can be.  Kiddom is just your behind-the-scenes best friend making sure it’s all as smooth and breezy as you want it to be.  You can now be as innovative and creative with blended learning as you wish with the faith that this platform will help you bring it all together!
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  1. Cindy F

    Just tried it, runs smooth. Perhaps an option for next year!