Kids Can Explore Worlds of Enchantment With Adventure Playground For iOS

  Cover_512Independent developer Jan Essig today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Adventure Playground, his new educational game for iPad devices. Designed for boys and girls, Adventure Playground features a fun, fantasy world of knights, princesses, dragons, and unicorns where children can explore and play games set in medieval times. Adventure Playground provides 6 different games that progressively become more challenging the longer the child plays. The games focus on matching and pattern recognition and help the child develop and practice these necessary skills. Feature Highlights: * Simple and easy-to-use interface * Colorful and engaging fantasy illustrations * Focuses on matching and pattern recognition * Develops matching, sorting and memory skills * Encourages work on both fine and gross motor skills * Practices visual scanning and discernment * Promotes learning colors and shapes * Ability to limit playing time * No data collection or tracking * No social media sharing * No in-app purchases * 100% Kid-friendly Adventure Playground offers many other benefits in addition to teaching and practicing pattern recognition. Adventure Playground helps develop matching, sorting, and memory as well as work in both fine and gross motor skills. Children practice visual scanning and discernment while learning colors and shapes. Most importantly, Adventure Playground offers children a visually engaging and stimulating environment to explore that promotes creativity and imagination. There are 6 unique worlds that children can explore in Adventure Playground. * Shapes Box * Suspension Bridge * Mayan Temple * Wanted! * Trumps Cave * Gemstones In the Shapes Box, there are 6 different pair types that children can practice recognizing: shapes, colors, pictures, patterns, numbers, and ABC. Adventure Playground allows one or several of these pair types to be selected from the Settings Menu. Adventure Playground also allows the choice to play games in Beginner Mode and the ability to choose what order the pair types are shown. In the Suspension Bridge game, the player must help their chosen hero cross the wooden bridge to safety. Children can play the game by tilting their iDevice or by using their finger to help their hero navigate the bridge. This game helps develop a child's motor skills. In the Mayan Temple, children must turn the disc and complete the pattern. Once the child is happy with their proposed solution, they tap the Mayan statue to find out if they guessed correctly. In Wanted!, the child must find the designs that are on the Wanted List. There are several options for the player to choose from and the number of options increases to become more challenging over time. In Trumps Cave, each of the dragons makes a noise and the child must watch closely and the tap on the dragons in the same order they make the noise. Adventure Playground allows players to choose whether the noise that the dragons make is passing gas or spitting fire. A knight at the top of the screen helps the child know when it's time to watch closely and when it's their turn to tap. In Gemstones, the child is asked to help the dwarves sort the precious gems that have spent the entire day mining. The child must drag-and-drop all of the precious gems into the correct bowl. "As with my other apps, I developed Adventure Playground together with my children," explains independent developer Jan Essig. "I also incorporated feedback from parents and educators. As a parent myself, I firmly believe you should not have to worry about children playing apps independently and it's important that I create apps that reflect this belief. Adventure Playground is 100% kid-friendly and because I take privacy and online safety very seriously, external links and information about my other Apps are hidden inside the protected Parents' area. There is no data collection or tracking in Adventure Playground, no social media sharing, and no in-app purchases. Also, if you choose, you can set a timer which will limit how long your kids play. I hope your kids will enjoy Adventure Playground as much as my kids do!" Language Support: * German, English Device Requirements: * Compatible with iPad * iOS 6 or later * 33.5 MB Pricing and Availability: For a limited time, Adventure Playground is only $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. It is regularly priced $3.99 (USD). Review copies are available upon request. Jan Essig Adventure Playground Purchase and Download YouTube video Promotional Banner App icon Based in Mannheim, Germany, Jan Essig is an independent developer and illustrator with a degree in Communication Design. Since 2003, he has freelanced as an independent illustrator, motion designer, and programmer. Copyright (C) 2014 Jan Essig. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.
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