Kids Fly the Friendly Skies in All-New My Town™: Airport


Kids Fly the Friendly Skies in All-New

My Town: Airport

Newest Title from Award-Winning My Town Games


Now Available at The App Store and on Google Play


Get ready to TAKE OFF on new adventures in the NEW My Town: Airport! Find a plane and customize it to reflect your own personal style. Buy your tickets and SURPRISE! You’ve got a first class seat! We bet the pilot will see how special you are, and invite you into the flight control room! What’s that? He’s offering to teach you how to fly the plane? WOW! Maybe you’ll even get to check out the stores before going through security!

My Town: Airport has more than NINE new locations to explore! See where the luggage is stored, visit the airport lounge and more. You can dress up your favorite characters in NEW costumes or meet new characters to add to your current My Town games!

We’ve got a few secrets in this game…what happens when you skydive? What are these new MINI GAMES? You’ll have to search for them to find out!

An added bonus is the connectivity of all the My Town games. You are able to share characters from one game to the other within the My Town world of apps. Pay once & Play forever + receive FREE updates! No ads and no IAP.

My Town games have won the KIDS FIRST! endorsement and the NAPPA Award.


  • New Characters – If you have any of the My Town dollhouse games, you can bring your characters from those games over to My Town: Airport to join you on your travels!
  • If you are just starting out with My Town, no worries! You can create your own characters inside My Town: Airport.
  • We update our older games every month, so please wait for the updates to connect these games to My Town: Airport.
  • The ability to save your progress and pick up where you left off next time you open the app
  • Multi-touch Feature: Play with your friends and family on the same device!


Created by an expert team of designers, engineers, programmers and artists, loved by kids and parents alike and endorsed by teachers and therapists, My Town Games is a safe, digital platform that gives children hours of open-ended play to teach them to interact first with an imaginary world, which can then empower and embolden them to explore their physical world and learn how things work. In the My Town Games world – 104 locations, 50 characters and 5300+ objects and counting – kids ages 4-8 play and interact with a variety of things in places and with people they see, recognize and know in their real, everyday lives – their homes, communities, family, friends and neighbors. 

There are over 24 titles in the series including Friend’s House, Pets, Haunted House, Museum, Fire Station, Cars, Beauty Contest, Cinema, Grandparents, Preschool, Hotel, Spa Beauty Salon, Dance School, Fashion Show, Wedding, Police Station, School, Stores, Daycare, Beach & Picnic, Hospital and Home.

My Town also is the creator behind the very popular My Little Princess app series.

With no rules, no time limits and no restrictions on how to progress through the games – which are so user-friendly and natural that no prompts or instructions are needed -  children are free to explore the worlds all on their own.


The My Town Games studio designs digital dollhouse-like games that promote creativity and imaginative interactive play for young children all over the world.  Since launching they have built games that have been downloaded 20 million times in 200+ countries.  Loved by children and parents alike, the games introduce environments and experiences for hours of open-ended game play.  The company has offices in Israel, Spain, Romania and the Philippines. Visit


Title: My Town: Airport Released:  February 22, 2018 Version: 1.0 Size: 233 MB Languages: English, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese Recommended Ages; 4-8 Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. For more information visit

Like us on Facebook at Follow My Town on Twitter at Check out My Town: Airport on YouTube For More Information Contact:

Andrea Blain • Andrea Blain Public Relations • 847-933-9884

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