Kids of all Ages Can Create Music Using the Rututu App

unnamed-4Kids of all Ages Can Create Music Using Exotic Sounds and Rare Samples with the Rututu App By Pauline France Consider this. If you’re a parent with kids of just about any age, you know your children will spend vast periods of time engaging with mobile devices. The trick is to get them to enjoy that interaction and build skills and knowledge at the same time. Kids of all Ages Can Create Music Using the Rututu App! That’s why this new app from EarthMoments is so intriguing. Rututu, as they call it, allows music-lovers of any age to build their own musical compositions using an easy, interactive interface that the company is building just for this application. Rututu has a game-like quality that makes it totally fun to use – something kids will especially enjoy. Through its vast library of instrument loops, the app will virtually transport future music composers to the remote villages and sacred communities the EarthMoments team visited to capture and record instrument sounds. Ever wanted to mix the tabla or sitar with hip hop beats? With Rututu, you can! The app is being created by EarthMoments, a skilled team of music producers and engineers based all over the world, who has launched a KickStarter campaign to help complete the app and get it to market. unnamed-2unnamed-3Currently, in development, Rututu promises to be an exciting and easy-to-use touch-based app for iPad that combines authentic samples of indigenous ethnic, world and Western instruments with hip hop, dubstep, rock and more. Yes, your kids can create their own EDM masterpieces with a few swipes of the finger. The app gives exposure to a wealth of sounds you’ve probably never heard before, and Rututu’s custom-designed control surface and music composition tools make it super easy for anyone to create original music, even if they have no musical background. unnamed-2“We’re thrilled to be working on an app that will contribute to the musical development of children and adults by exposing them to exciting sounds from faraway places. We hope to meet our Kickstarter goal to ensure Rututu comes to fruition, allowing people from all around the world to enjoy it, ” said EarthMoments Director Kris Karra. EarthMoments will use the Kickstarter funds to perfect the app before it is launched in 2015. In exchange for contributing the project, backers can receive a variety of exclusive rewards, including special VIP content, signed original sketches of the app’s design, public accolades and much more. To learn more and support the Rututu and its Kickstarter campaign, visit here to check it out.  
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