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admin-aja175-1Kids Vocab, by MindSnacks, is the latest release by this prestigious language company and Kids' Vocab says it all in its video trailer, "Words Shape Your World." This app has nine games addressing multiple skills including context, spelling, categorization, etymology, roots and affixes with 350 pertinent vocabulary words - all based on the common core standards. Did you know lit is Greek for letters, and literacy is Latin for education? Learn it from the language masters! MindSnacks continues to produce mindful educational apps for a variety of users. What makes this app a complete standout is that it addresses deeper learning in the form of engaging gameplay, not just rote memorization. The app serves as a comprehensive vocabulary tool that teaches definitions, spelling, pronunciation, contextual usage and parts of speech. Designed for student’s ages 7-12, Kids’ Vocab offers hours of fun and challenging activities that can be used on a daily basis to supplement regular class work. Each Kids' Vocab app comes packed with nine addictive mini-games that cover 25 lessons. Teachers With Apps can attest to challenging and addictive; the students that worked with this app were delighted by the fast pace and inclusion of visuals to support understanding. They all worked with either the mammals or astronomy modules to accompany ongoing science research. Students had real difficulty curbing their enthusiasm as they worked in pairs and would often ask the group next to them, "what word are you stuck on?", and "which ones have you mastered?" The only addition we would like to see is the option to have the short definition read to the student. Screenshot4_PounceSliderScreenshot5_Ascend                 The app has also been designed to support the Common Core Learning Standards and challenges students to: ● Clarify the meaning of words ● Think in terms of domain-specific groupings ● Detect context clues ● Encourage spelling words correctly ● Identify lexicographical information We have been communicating with the team at MindSnacks during this exciting launch. -- Jesse Pickard, MindSnacks co-founder, and CEO has this to say about their newest release: "Developing an extensive vocabulary at a young age is now more important than ever before, and MindSnacks is proud to release Kids' Vocab as our newest subject offering. We all know memorizing lists of vocabulary words can be a chore, and Kids' Vocab changes that with our fun, educational approach to learning vocabulary. Our games provide the opposite of rote memorization, and keep kids entertained through tons of great content that are both parent and teacher approved." Stay tuned for more reviews of some of MindSnacks classic language apps. We are in the process of field testing some of the other fabulous apps previously released by this outstanding educational app company.  
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