KNeoworld, a new series – Epic Adventure of big thinkers

about_topbg charactersKNeoworld, has launched the first of three episodes for free in an ambitious new series called Epic Adventure of big thinkers, all of the children we worked with were wowed on the opening screen! These edutainment activities were designed to promote cognitive skills development through winning stories paired with stimulating learning activities. This game based platform provides challenging learning environments for use in and out of the classroom. This engaging gameplay is set in the future, the year is 2253 and the gang of diverse characters is returning to Earth after their long hibernation in space. The characters are hip and the stylized anime illustrations are vibrant and inviting. The activities are varied and cover the gamut from math, science, literacy, as well as spatial relations, interpretation, self-regulation, and analysis. The emphasis on all of the activities is on critical thinking combined with creative thinking, and problem-solving skills. Possessing this type of thinking outside the box mentality is what is needed most in preparing our children for the future. When a child succeeds with each episode or journey, 5 games are automatically saved to their personal Arcade Bank so when they return to successfully played games the difficulty level is raised so it is continually a new learning experience – 24 episodes equals 120 games! IAP is required after you have played the first three games free. Let's face it, kids love games and recent research has shown that there are four positive impacts that video games have on the kids who play them: cognitive, motivational, emotional, and social. The most persuasive neurological research shows that video games provide the opportunity for neural plasticity because games provide “a multitude of complex motor and cognitive demands.” Features:
  • Engaging games, puzzles, and brain-teasers
  • Hours of adventure and entertainment
  • Designed to foster logic and critical thinking
  • 3 Players per membership
  • An Arcade of games that grow with each episode
  • Teacher-approved and used in classrooms
  • Compatible with PCs, tablets, and smartphones

Brain Challenges & the "FUN" Factor Combined!

What we LOVE: KNeoworld created a donation/fund raising program for schools and organizations where 50% of the cost of each App purchased by the school community is shared with the registered school or organization, and this program is open to any community. KNeoWorld is stress‐free, year‐round fundraising for the 21st century. It’s completely safe while bringing both financial and educational benefits to kids your community.What a great win-win for everyone! Additionally, the Parent Dashboard allows for parents to view progress in 6 different categories for any of the 3 players they get with their App. Parents can tell by their children’s results whether they are keen on math, art, science etc and the scores measure their performance. Keoworld is working on a number of minor updates, an option to have the story read out loud for those students who may struggle as reluctant readers are being added in both English and Spanish. The delivery of the, you fail message is being worked on to encourage a "try it again" mentality. Overall with a few simple tweaks and some scaffolding of the difficulty of tasks KNeoworld is on its way to being a stellar learning tool promoting critical/creative thinking skills and problem-solving. Keep your eye on this game, they are positioned to be a smashing success for the slightly older student.
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