Kno – Textbooks for the Future, K thru College

Textbooks - Kno Inc. Teachers With Apps is in the process of field-testing the Kno app for a review. Kno is an education software company, taking advantage of technology in the digital age, getting textbooks in the hands of kids, from elementary school all the way through college. It's entering a market that doesn't really exist yet. Most public schools are still issuing textbooks to students, Kno CEO, Osman Rashid, is hoping parents will pay to rent textbooks to lighten the load of their kids' backpacks. It's well-documented that schoolkids are suffering back pain from schlepping around all their textbooks. So Rashid's pitch: Rent a digital version of the same textbook your kids are using at school so they don't have to carry it home. Kno has more than the parents as potential customers. As more and more schools get on board with adding iPad pilots with a 1:1 deployment, schools could be a large part of the customer base as well. The Kno app is free, we want your feedback - what better time than right now, in the midst of the BACK to SCHOOL craze, to get familiar with the app and try it out with your students. Here are some of the features and advantages of using Kno. What are you waiting for... get Kno now! 1)      eTextbooks at $9.99 or less for K-12 students 2)      Kno’s eTextbooks are loaded with fun interactive features such as 3D molecules, instant flashcards, and video content to make the exact same textbooks come to life. 3)      Kno eTextbooks are available on iPad, The Web, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and Windows 7 devices. 4)      Students who have used the app have said that they are more engaged and excited to learn because of Kno 5)      Awesome features such as Social Sharing, which will allow teachers or peers to share their highlights, sticky notes, and other content directly with other students Kno has a number of K-12 books that range from $4.99 - $9.99. They have a special coupon code: KNO4MOMS for $5 off (this is the special promotional offer)   Watch videos to get the full picture.
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