KUDOS to the “mother of the internet”

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAOCAAAAJDQ5MzE0YmFkLThmZmUtNGMwYi05OTZkLWIwMzg5MWQ1OTUyOALinkedIn, the world's mammoth professional network (300 million members & counting) has purchased lynda.com, for 1.5 billion, one of the first leaders in online learning technology. Lynda Weinman was teaching herself and her college students Web design using her own site, lynda.com as a sandbox from which to teach web publishing back in 1995. Kudos to the "mother of the internet" and her fabulous e-learning model, she has dedicated decades to teaching millions of students worldwide. She wrote the wildly popular book, Designing Web Graphics in 1996, and went on to write over a dozen more step-by-step guides to teach readers a plethora of different computer skills. Eventually she and her husband founded a digital arts school which led them to begin making video tutorials on VHS tapes, teaching computer basics like Web Design, Photoshop, HTML, etc. In 2004 the concept moved to an online e-learning format teaching a full array of computer skills. I just love these stories of how something starts off as one thing and then morphs into something entirely different, this pioneer of online education has been in the forefront of the industry since its inception and what a wonderful payoff! Congratulations images-4  
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