KudosReading ~ An innovative platform!


KudosReading, an innovative platform to encourage reading at/above grade level

Foster a love of reading inside and outside your classroom using a new online platform. Kudosreading is a fun, social, personalized learning platform that encourages reading and learning while showing efficacy against curriculum based standards for grades 4 & up. It’s a new way for teachers to track independent reading, personalize book discussions and gauge reading comprehension.

discussionsHow it Works

Personalize the curriculum and create book clubs by choosing a book for the entire class or divide into smaller reading groups Assign questions based on state standards or create your own. Assign a grade value and track student performance Students participate in real-time book discussions and can use sentence starters to comment. Students select books, rate and review them and recommend books to their friends. Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 1.37.09 PMMeaningful reading logs, reviews, and reading activities give students points to level up. They can then unlock new avatar items and badges. Teachers monitor students’ interests by genre reports and track reading logs, holding them accountable.

Why it works

KudosReading is based on extensive published research and proven classroom methods for building an intrinsic love of reading. It’s an innovative platform that applies social contexts that kids love in gaming to motivate reading and learning at/above grade levels. Principles of gaming motivate students to read while tracking/reporting against curriculum standards help teachers monitor and hold them accountable for reading. Teachers report increases in a number of books read across avid/reluctant readers as well as students reading level increases by 2-grade levels in classrooms using the platform. Created by a team of teachers and game developers in San Mateo, CA,  KudosReading is an essential tool for educators in reinventing the literature circle. We are education, game and book enthusiasts that are passionate about changing the way kids read and learn. Join our journey while we expand our platform and grow our community - https://www.kudosreading.com For more information, contact Beena Agarwal, co-founder and CEO at  beena@kudosreading.com Media: How to Create a Book Club How to use the Grading Feature  
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