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We believe that reading sets the foundation for all learning!


KudosReading is a way to make reading and discussing books interactive, while also giving every student a voice.  It’s sort of like an online literature circle combined with a place to share book reviews and play vocabulary games. Recommended for grades 4-12.

The way it works is that a teacher will choose a book to base the book club on.  They can have one big group or divide the class into smaller groups or even have clubs across classes.  Once they’ve chosen groups, then they create the questions they want students to answer.  There is also a great selection of questions that are based on Common Core Standards.  You can filter questions by grade level and the exact standard you want to address.  As students answer questions, they see their group’s responses and can then respond and engage in a discussion with their classmates.  To encourage thoughtful discussion, there are sentence starters the students can respond with.  Teachers can also grade right within the app too.

img2My students picked up on the features designed with kids in mind.  There are of course avatars that can be customized.  Students can also upvote answers, play vocabulary games, and even contribute to a class list of vocabulary words.  Also, students earn kudos as they answer questions which help them level up, and earn new avatar features.  Each student has their own bookshelves of books they’ve already read, books they are currently reading, and books they want to read.  Students can also write book reviews that their classmates can see and recommend books to classmates.

img1There are even more features that are also appealing to teachers.  One is the option to assign students as Discussion Directors— those students then can create the questions (a win-win!—a timesaver and a way to engage students even more!).  There are also various reports the teacher can view—viewing the genres of books in student bookshelves and tracking how many pages have been read.  My favorite, however, is the reading log feature which allows teachers to keep students accountable for reading by being able to see the student summary of where they are in the book—perfect to encourage active independent reading! 

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KudosReading works wherever you have a web browser!  The appearance is better on a tablet (Android, iPad, etc) or computer, rather than on a phone, though.  No need to download from any store—just go straight to the website.

anneAnne Brinkman has been a computer lab teacher and technology coordinator for 5 years at a private school in California.  She has since moved into edtech consulting and app development.  She is excited about the explosion of educational technology and how teachers are expanding on it even further in their classrooms.

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