TWA Certification Awards ~ 2018/2019


TWA Certification Awards ~ 2018/2019

Teachers With Apps is eager to announce the newest inductees into their Certification Program. This Certification was designed to recognize and applaud outstanding developers in the digital education industry. TWA Certified apps and products have withstood intensive field-testing with kids and are both teacher and child approved. Teachers With Apps is honoring educational digital applications and products that are exemplary in the following areas: content, presentation, execution, and overall user experience supported by researched-based educational pedagogy. TWA is committed to the idea that quality mobile educational applications are the tools of the future; however, they need to be used responsibly. Remember, not all apps are created equal. download-4Lipa Land is a portal of activities, apps, crafts, stories, articles, and more for kids and parents. The Czech developer of preschool educational apps, Lipa, has launched their latest app called Lipa Land. All of the content has educational value and encourages children to practice the new skills they’ve gained by playing in the real world. Lipa Land encourages kids to use the device to get out of the device’ and explore the outside world. This means when your child plays, they won’t hide indoors glued to their tablets. Designed for kids aged 3 to 6 and their parents, the app aims to connect screen time with activities in the real world. REVIEW COMING SOON download-2Off to Bed, the first app from Gavin Jones published under the brand of Stop Growing Up, is a delightful storybook to help assist parents in getting their tots off to bed. The app opens with a soft gentle melody and a picture of the globe, the globe has three major cities marked for children to choose from New York, London or Beijing. These three cities are the present options with more promised to come from this app developer. READ FULL REVIEW HERE Fitoons iconFitoons an app to promote healthy eating & lifestyles released by Avokiddo is an essential part of every child's screentime. The proverbial wisdom "You are what you eat" has never been more clear than it is today! This wonderful new app has a serious wellness message for all age groups presented in a kid-friendly, engaging and interactive venue. The choices of zany characters and combinations of wild workout gear couldn't be more fun and the selection of real-time exercise regimes keep kids coming back again and again. The kitchen is a virtual haven for cooking all kinds of creative fare! What happens to the characters bodies depends on what they eat and how much exercise they do, a very powerful concept for children to observe. READ FULL REVIEW HERE stanleeStan Lee’s Kids Universe, a new app by Playing Forward promotes social-emotional learning through play! The character D T-Rex is adorable and the storyline is endearing as well as timely! We all know that our children need a strong foundation for understanding life and what a great combination, storytelling and gameplay mixed together to instill life skills that are paramount in a young child's development. Social/Emotional skills are the skills we use every day to interact and communicate with others. They include verbal and non-verbal communication, speech, gesture, facial expression, and body language. A special tribute goes out to Stan Lee for all of his incredible and unforgettable contributions to superhero history, he passed at age 95 in November 2018! READ FULL REVIEW HERE

app-store-icon_teacher-1FreshGrade is an online portfolio app which provides a place where teachers, students, and parents can easily communicate and share on ONE brilliant platform! This exemplary application is designed to give teachers the ability to create and individualize assignments for different students' needs as well as record progress over time. By providing virtual access to easily share everyone involved is able to see direct performance outcomes. This FULL digital portfolio supports assessment and grading as well. Easy peasy to upload audio, video, or document files and attach them to each student's activity as evidence of their progress in the classroom. Teachers also have the ability to share files with the whole class. READ FULL REVIEW HERE

pegpog_icon_rounded_225x225Peg and Pog by Kenikeni Limited introduce their spunky protagonists in the first of a series of apps designed to bring families together for quality screen time. We feel that Kenikeni along with their endearing characters, Peg, Pog, and their adorable cat, Cosmo have met and exceeded their goal of designing such an app. TWA highly recommends this app for its appropriate role models, the inclusion of diversity, and engaging interactivity. Not to mention the brilliant artwork done by Luella Jane Wright! Kenikeni founder Ken Rutherford, states “We wanted to create an immersive experience that kids and parents can enjoy together - a catalyst for curiosity that nurtures early literacy and promotes social and emotional awareness." READ FULL REVIEW HERE


unnamed-1Really Great Stuff Digital Learning Collection is helping teachers to achieve the most from technology with an excellent supplemental curriculum solution featuring 170-plus educational applications mapped to align with national, state, and Common Core standards. The premise of having a curated list of top-notch digital tools all in one handy app makes sense for educators who have been inundated with the latest and greatest app tools on an individual basis. This Learning Collection from Really Good Stuff has been crafted by teaming up with the mega-respected Fingerprint Play. Teachers will find any subject or topic needed right here all under one roof! There are three main areas in this platform: the classroom, individual students, and resources. READ MORE ABOUT Really Good Stuff's Digital Learning Collection HERE

Really Good Stuff Digital Learning Collection home screen in tablet landscape. (PRNewsfoto/Excelligence Learning Corporati)   Congratulations to the above leaders for creating exciting educational technology tools! Keep up the GREAT WORK.  
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