What I learned from the successful developer Laura Tallardy

Screen Shot Laura T2017-06-22 at 4.30.28 PM images-1 What I learned from the successful developer Laura Tallardy Once per week the Facebook group Educational App Talk holds the special chat: the invited host & group members exchange opinions about new apps, share ideas about the improving the presented apps, discuss news, etc. As a regular visitor, I have learned a lot, received a lot of new info, got new knowledge & promoted our own company apps during these chats. Developers present very interesting apps, and participating teachers and parents discuss them, download them, voice their opinions. The almost permanent theme for discussion is how to increase sales, how to make the indie developer’s company profitable, how to deliver the word about the indie developer & his/her apps to schools, teachers, parents, educators. Despite all the difficulties, there are a few indie developers who successfully navigate the mobile kid's app market. One of them is Laura Tallardy (http://lauratallardy.com/). A few weeks ago she hosted the EdAppTalk chat Laura Tallardy is an app developer from Brooklyn, NY. She has a wide portfolio of children’s mobile apps on iOS and Android. Her apps have been downloaded over a 2 million times, mentioned in the New York Times, the Evening Standard and the Daily Mail. There is the link to Laura’s Apple Store apps: https:// itunes.apple.com/us/developer/laura-tallardy/id528096015. I’ve had on my iPad 2 Laura’s apps: 1. Disco Cats (with Scott Adelman) Link: http://lauratallardy.com/app/disco-cats/ https://itunes.apple.com/ us/app/disco-cats-augmented-reality/id999108841 2. App for Dog (Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/app-for-dog-free-puppy-painting-button-clickertraining/id968928583?mt=8) Both apps are games for kids, with wonderful illustrations, interesting design. They are the big fun for kids. Disco Cats’ content is presented in many languages. Laura’s experience as a designer & a promoter is the very interesting & somehow unique one. I have looked through her posts on Facebook & at other publications, at her apps’ reviews & would like to share what she thinks & recommends. ▪ About the new app development: ✓ “As an indie developer, I’ve created a variety of apps for children, adults, and even dogs over the past couple years. If there is one thing I can tell you about staying in this business, it’s this: You need to ship your apps! The single most important factor in shipping an app is getting motivated, and the best way to build motivation is through incentive ✓ SET FIRM DEADLINES. “Probably the most successful tactic that I’ve ever used is to set a firm deadline and stick to it.” ▪ Have a perspective: “MAKE TIME FOR THE NEXT PROJECT.Keep an eye on the clock and the calendar. The sooner you can get the current app shipped and out the door, the sooner you can move on to create the rest of the app catalog that you’ve always dreamed of. ▪ Consider different models to bring in revenues: ✓ subscriptions could be a valuable option ✓ the free apps vs paid ✓ adds on the App Store ▪ Paid apps vs free apps (monetization strategy/market) “App pricing is a tricky topic for most developers. Unfortunately, within the first couple years of the App Store, the acceptable prices for apps went from multiple-dollar apps ($3, $5, $10, etc) to a standard of $0.99, with more expensive apps having to prove their added value. Given the amount of time, energy and work that goes into a high-quality app, and the price compared to other venues of entertainment, I think it's reasonable for developers to ask for a couple dollars for their products rather than the absolute minimum amount possible. Our apps have value! I've been experimenting with pricing changes - nothing too dramatic, just trying to get up off of the $0.99 floor. I usually pick a couple apps, change the price slightly and then check back in about a month. Most of the apps' revenue has increased, the few that haven't increased have stayed the same. I believe that parents/guardians are willing to pay a little more for quality content.” Laura’s thoughts were very useful for me, her example is encouraging. I hope my short post would be of some support & help for indie developers in their journey.

download-7Tatyana Belyavskaya taught on the college level in St. Petersburg, Russia for more than 20 years and moved to the USA in 1991. Over the next 20 years, she was a software engineer, a Web designer, a database administrator, and an information systems analyst. Prompted by their grandkids’ math questions and problems, Tatyana and her husband (who is the software developer) decided to reach more children helping them to master basic math skills. They founded the company Bel Math Apps and published a few tablet, phone and desktop applications for the math practice. Tatyana actively participated as a freelance author at Teachers With Apps. Tatyana likes to read and travel.


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