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Learn & Play Tip-a-Day App - Brookes Publishing Co.Learn & Play Tip-a-Day App by Brookes Publishing Co. is just what the doctor ordered:

Ideas to Boost Young Brains!

Promote healthy child development for our youngest children with this free tip-a-day app from Brookes Publishing! Recent research states again and again that the first few years are critical in getting your child prepared to be a successful, happy, preschooler who is ready for the demands of school and adult life. This app offers a tip-a-day to help parents, caregivers, and teachers with simple everyday suggestions of ways to engage and stimulate the developing brain. The format is in a new tip each day with an additional timeline making this a substantial resource to go back and utilize again and again. All of these materials are from the Brookes Publishing Company which has had a presence in the early childhood field for almost 40 years. 

Each weekday, you’ll receive a quick new idea, activity, or strategy from some of our top experts on child development and early education. You’ll discover fresh new ways to build emerging literacy skills, enhance developmental progress, promote positive behavior, teach and include all kids, and strengthen bonds between parents and children.

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TWA was delighted when we found that within the app there are links to high-quality content covering a complete scope of exemplary resources from the vast library of Brookes Publishing, they are all research-based from their library of books with an abundance of excellent information. The structure is formatted into a user-friendly and visually appealing design to help digest and understand the content. The photographs are first-rate and give the app a polished and welcoming invitation to explore deeper. Much of these topics are in the form of excerpts which makes it manageable to read and digest. Easy access and manageable yes, as well as high-caliber research backed guidance presented as visual aids, lists, lesson plans, infographics and documents with live links to follow up materials.

The developers at Brookes Publishing have designed the app up with a new tip appearing each day with the option to visit the timeline of past tips. The set-up is straightforward and incredibly easy to navigate. Anyone, even a novice could easily utilize this wonderful resource, returning to past information by toggling between the “Today” or “Timeline” buttons. The menu tab in the left corner allows for the option to filter by category: Tip - Quote - Activity - Excerpt - Offer.

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, i, p,  early language exposure, s, and s In this time of scrutiny of what is appropriate for our youngest as far as time limits and what is consumed on the screen, it seems Brookes is spot on with designing an app to give guidance to the adults and promote shared activities. Attention: You will need a WIFI connection to access the wealth of resources that this app contains! download-3     google play    
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