Learnathon the Digital Lemonade Stand!

Why do we buy homemade lemonade from children? Superheroes Is it because it is the best lemonade we have ever tasted? Well occasionally it is, but more often than not we have an entirely different motive for our purchase. We are prepared to pay for that glass of lemonade as an act of recognition of the child’s efforts and achievement. It is a mark of respect, our way of encouraging hard work and rewarding commitment. It’s not really about the lemonade. But why is this recognition important? The answer lies in the smile you receive from the child as you hand over your money. Behind that smile are pride, self-esteem and the confidence to go out and see what else they can achieve. Game-based learning company, Skoolbo, has created a global event that brings the same rewarding outcome of the lemonade stand with the added benefit of helping children secure essential foundational skills.  And you won’t have to drink a drop of lemonade! Children are challenged to answer 1,000 personalized math, literacy and language questions and family and friends can pledge their support through the child’s individual fundraising page. Fundraising page Every cent raised will be converted into credit for the child’s teacher to spend in the new educational resource store further benefiting the child. 94

Learnathon is taking place right now and it’s free to join!

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