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images-5Learning Upgrade by Learning Upgrade LLC, is not new to the tech scene. In fact, they have been around since 1998 and have been concentrating on boosting literacy curriculum for English language learners (ELLs),  special needs, and low-literate adults. The app enables both flexibility and mobility to the user in order to utilize Learning Upgrade’s high-interest exercises on their own mobile device, anywhere and anytime! Learning Upgrade strives to improve students’ time on task by no longer limiting them to sitting in front of a computer. Within the Learning Upgrade app, you will find over 300 edutainment lessons centering on both reading and math. The reading lessons, for example, are extensive and encompass topics ranging from letter ID, phonics to decoding, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and innumerable other literacy concepts. The math lessons, are also comprehensive and include topics such as counting, addition/subtraction, measurement, multiplication/division, word problems and many other essential math concepts. The exercises are a mix of teaching strategies, practice, and mastery challenges. The curriculum is sequenced and combines engaging gameplay with catchy songs, videos, and a rewards program that encourages students to perform optimally. The app allows participants to work on their own level and progress at their own speed. It also tracks data and monitors student growth. What TWA likes most about Learning Upgrade is the variety of multimedia used as well as the way in which topics are presented. This keeps review and remediation fresh and keeps the learner on the path to proficiency. The variation in lessons also makes it easier for students to master content all while enjoying a great learning experience. The retro look and feel of the app is very appealing with simple and familiar graphics that immediately grab your attention and hold you there! The only thing on our wish list is that it would be wonderful to place students according to their developmental needs. As it stands entrance is only available through the first level and all of the upper levels are locked until mastery is met.   Learning Upgrade is a participant in the Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPrize Competition, designed to assist the 36 million low-literate adults in America. The competition has challenged eight teams to develop a mobile app that has the greatest impact in literacy skills among the participating adult learners in just 12 months. These contenders will be focusing on unlocking roadblocks to literacy learning by increasing access, easing the onboarding process and improving retention for participants. Don't let that stop you from using it with youngsters, it is highly effective and research-based, as well as being aligned to the standards. “Low-literate, low-income adults often do not have computer and internet access at home. However, about 75% of them do own a smartphone,” said Vinod Lobo, co-founder and CEO of Learning Upgrade. “If effective learning can be delivered through smartphones, more ELLs can ‘self-serve’ by downloading the program on to their phone, signing in, and making progress. This way, millions of learners that are not served by schools or adult education can finally receive quality literacy instruction.” Learning Upgrade provides everything for literacy and math in one convenient to use app, hurry up and go get this one, it's FREE!  
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