Let’s Educate, Not Incarcerate

So true! The recent commentary below written by the U.S. Secretary of Education involves the sad state of affairs we are embroiled in, the relationship between imprisonment and lack of education is more than a paramount problem. The Bureau of Justice Statistics report that two-thirds of state prison inmates have not completed high school, two-thirds! Over the past thirty years, state and local monies for prisons has increased more than twice as fast as expenditures on public education. We need to completely remake the present day system of how we educate our children. The rapid advancement of technology has changed everything, have you seen this concept? At this juncture, kids educating teachers would be more fruitful than teachers educating kids.

US Secretary of Education: Let's Educate, Not Incarcerate

The return on investment in American education to individuals and to society at large has been growing in both relative and absolute terms since 1980. It is well known that, statistically, people who are well-educated earn substantially more, pay more in taxes, are less likely to be unemployed, live longer, are healthier, and are more likely to vote. Yet, in spite of that, our society is increasing spending on locking people up faster than it is on educating them. Our investments in punishing people for their failures are outpacing our investments in ensuring their success. John B. King Jr. That was the disturbing finding... Read the article here:   This graph is from CNN:

Government money spent per year to educate an elementary/secondary school student compared to the cost of keeping an inmate imprisoned.

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