Lipa Land ~ Preschool Fundamentals


Lipa Land ~ Preschool Fundamentals

  Lipa Land ~ Preschool Fundamentals Lipa Land, the latest app from Lipa Learning, is a robust and comprehensive collection featuring fundamental preschool skills that are engaging, educational, and of course FUN! This app is based on the Lipa Curriculum encompassing the "whole child approach", which contains the components for a healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged learning environment. It focuses on such subjects of environmental consciousness, healthy lifestyle, cultural diversity, as well as all necessary academic skills and social & emotional learning. Lipa Land for all of your preschool needs!

Education isn't a privilege – it's a right

The BEST part of Lipa Land is that Lipa Learning has provided an abundance of extension activities from all kinds of DIY projects, arts and crafts, cooking, puzzles, science experiments, fun facts, to stories, audiobooks, lullabies for peaceful bedtime AND a complete parent section with insightful tips. The inclusion of additional materials and the ability to easily extend, reinforce and review skills, really sets the Lipa Land app apart from the rest! Lipa Land has been created by educational specialists who focus on the whole child, the framework for the content in Lipa Land covers essential skills to provide opportunities for developing a well-rounded child which understands diversity and the necessity to provide opportunities to be challenged. Although these are largely school-based, a whole child approach to education requires the engagement of the entire community to ensure that each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. ASCD All necessary competencies found in a preschooler's world are covered. Lipa Land’s roadmap contains these 8 areas of development:
  • Social-Emotional Balance (Social Skills, Emotional Competence, Ethics & Values)
  • Physical Wellness (Gross Motor Skills & Fine Motor Skills)
  • Academic Competence (Language, EFL, Math, Science, Arts)
  • History & Culture (Culture, History, Philosophy)
  • Healthy Lifestyle (Exercise, Healthy Eating Habits, Biorhythm, Mindfulness & Relaxation)
  • Environmental Awareness (Loving & Admiring Nature, Respecting & Helping, Exploration & Experimenting)
  • Autonomic Capabilities (Spatial Ability, Cognitive Skills, Creativity, Memory, Logical Thinking, Learning Motivation)
  • Hygiene & Safety (Outdoor Safety, Encountering the Unknown, External Hygiene, Indoor Safety, Personal Care)
Lipa Land Preschool Diversity is evident in the wonderful graphics used throughout the Lipa Land app, and the characters are full of life lessons. Kids can choose between trips to the moon with Skipper the adorable dog, city life and driving cars, fighting fires, and controlling traffic lights, or an exciting voyage on the sea and meeting incredible new creatures, diving into sunken ships, and sailing with the pirates. Travel to fairy-tale castles are an option and a favorite among the kids we worked with, they can fancy some fine dining with royalty, and go on magic quests with knights in shining armor. New adventures are being added such as wildlife, dinosaurs, magic, and toys – all coming soon! Also included are simple to set-up child learning profiles with easy-to-use progress tracking for teachers or parents and an adjustable timer for the perfect amount of screen time
 decided upon by the caregiver. Hurry, CHECK out the wonderful preschool supplement today! Lipa Land by Lipa Learning for all of your preschool needs.Lipa Land Logo

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