The Little Bug

  The-Little-BugThe Little Bug by Jaclyn Littman is a stellar work of art created by this MICA grad student as her MFA thesis project! Wow, glad to see students and schools getting up to speed with tech and all the possibilities of graphic design in the future. The Little Bug app beautifully showcases original cut-paper illustrations, engaging interactivity, and fab narration. This is a class app! Oh, and did we mention the original sound track? Joshua Cipolla is responsible for the jaunty music. This app was designed for ages 3 and up, but don't let that stop you from checking it out, it is virtually for all ages. The Little Bug is a terrific lesson in the day of a bug and the friends met in a days time, as well as the stages of metamorphism that take place over a season. Look for the petite ladybug on each and every page to add to this precious science story. Added bonuses include the blog creating an interactive storybook for iPad with a hand-made look and feel of paper crafting, and the little bug activities sheets of downloadable insect pages, as well as suggested discussion questions. Our only constructive criticism would be that the transition stage is elaborated upon from pupa to butterfly. We felt the need to show kids more details and celebrate the metamorphic transformation. imgres gallery8 Play music with grasshoppers, make honey with honey bees, and dig tunnels with ants in this charming storybook app! The Little Bug introduces children to the diversity of backyard insects in an original story that inspires curiosity, confidence, and a love of learning. The little bug meets many fascinating insect friends on his adventures through the garden. Each one has a wonderful talent: the grasshopper makes music, the ant digs tunnels, the bee makes honey. But what wonderful thing can the little bug do? tumblr_n0g46qKzO21sl5pzso5_1280 — Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2014 FEATURES * Interactive elements on every page, like tap, tilt, and swipe. * Charming, the original story unfolds over 28 pages. * Kid-friendly interface allows readers to jump to a favorite scene. * Read-to-Me and Read-It-Myself settings allow children to build literacy skills or follow along with the narration. * Over 100 interactive touch-points leave more to discover with every read-through. * The garden comes to life through beautiful hand-painted illustrations by Jackie Littman. * Original typeface is suited for young readers. * Enchanting original music by Joshua Cipolla creates an immersive reading experience. IMG_0666 The project will be on view in the Riggs Gallery at MICA’s Graduate Studio Center through this Sunday, April 7. Visitors can play with the fully functional app (including narration and sound effects) or watch a video walkthrough on the big screen. photo-1
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