Little Chickies (Los Pollitos) – Sing, Play & Learn with Latino Nursery Rhymes

LITTLE CHICKIES APP ICONLittle Chickies (Los Pollitos) - Sing, Play & Learn with Latino Nursery Rhymes by Encantos Media Studios, Inc. is the quintessential necessity for all modern day preschoolers of any sociological background. In a time when cultures are being homogenized and nursery tales are losing popularity, along comes Canticos to change all that and remind us just how important it is to keep this heritage going. These nursery rhymes are delivered in 8 different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Hindi, Mandarin, and Japanese. The adorable illustrations are a pure delight to both children and parents alike. The gameplay is open-ended, uber creative and explores a range of critical thinking skills for the younger set. We have noted many times the value of rhyme and repetition in assisting boosting reading readiness skills, this app does all that and much more. The Little Chickies/Los Pollitios app begins with three eggs that need to be cracked to hatch the chicks, Ricky Chickie, Kiki Chickie and baby Nicky Chickie! You then enter their world and choose between:  



After helping the three Little Chickies hatch, sing along to the nursery rhyme,  a build whimsical bouquet for Mother Hen or strum/drum/hum along to the infectious tune. And don't forget to decorate an egg or two along the way!

Creative Play Experiences:

--Crack the Egg (enter through the first screen or by touching the single white egg on the lower right on the home screen) - Have endless fun cracking the eggs to watch the chickies hatch - Touch the chickies to make them say "pío" (peep)


-- Play the Multilingual Radio (enter by touching the radio on the tree branch) - The native Spanish version is sung by Julio Briceño, the lead singer of the Latin Grammy award-winning band Los Amigos Invisibles. - Pause the music and learn to play the nursery rhyme with the working notes on the musical staff


--Make a Bouquet of Creative Flowers (enter by touching the flower pot) - Design a bouquet with fun shapes ranging from stars to flowers to a pinwheel - Play with the Chickie to see how she reacts to your bouquet

IMG_0724 2

--Play the Guitar (enter by touching the guitar) - Strum to play notes and watch the chickies dance along - Click on the chickies to watch their solo performances

--Decorate An Egg (enter by touching the yellow & green egg in the nest) - Select from a variety of colors, designs, and objects to decorate an egg - Click on the book icon to store your designs in the Sticker Book


Our goal is to foster multilingual learning that promotes child development including counting, fine motor skills, language, music and pattern recognition.

This adorable first release is the beginning of a planned series with Elefantitos and Ratancitios coming soon. Little Chickies (Los Pollitos) - Sing, Play & Learn with Latino Nursery Rhymes come highly recommended by Teachers With Apps!

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