Little Digits by Cowly Owl

  mza_427149051943170312Little Digits, by Cowly Owl, takes full advantage of the "multi-touch screen" concept and actually has kids counting, adding and subtracting all by placing the correct number of their own fingers on the screen. Novel idea and can be expanded on by playing with your child or having two kids work together to explore simple math concepts.  This app "knows" how many fingers are touching the surface of the iPad, and no matter how hard the kids try, the iPad always is able to detect the correct number. What we really like is the play and explore an approach to introducing fundamental number sense. littledigits-1 In this game, each number is an animated character with eyes and a mouth that move. Depending on the number of fingers a child puts on the iPad, the corresponding animated number appears under their fingers on the screen. It is quite magical to see in action. If you pull away a finger, the digit changes. The app has a counting activity, as well as separate games for addition and subtraction. Kids learn to add and subtract by recreating the equations with their fingers. For example, if the equation is 3+1=? kids put three fingers from their left hand and then add one more. The 4 digit appears on the screen in the answer slot and then digits 3, 1, and 4 wiggles and dance. "Little Digits" is brilliant in its simple execution and clever use of technology, and it creates an irresistible high-tech twist on using your fingers to count.  
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