Little Fox Music Box

NEWteacherwithappsLittle Fox Music Box - Kids Songs - Sing along, by the incredibly talented author Heidi Wittlinger, an Oscar-nominated artist, and the developer, goodbeans, has just been updated. This songbook app now fully supports the Retina display of the New iPad and "WOW-O-WOW" is all we can say! This brilliant melodious app combines classic music and spectacular artistic and interactive components with superb execution in every facet. Never do the interactions deter from the music, they are divinely subtle and compliment every note sung! This app is a sing-along songbook featuring more than 100 interactive elements and incorporating 3 songs, which guarantee to bring smiles to the faces of young and old alike! It is brought to you by the team that created the bestselling app “Nighty Night.” It has been recommended by the developers that this app is for children between 2 and 6 years old. We recommend it to anyone from 2 - 92! And a seven-year-old was beaming just today as he listened and played. This app not only offers songs but a musical "play space" for each that features adorable, detailed illustrations, high-quality music that never misses a beat and the most delightful sound effects ever experienced in an app. The animations are also top-notch and state-of-the-art, which will keep audiences engaged for hours and hours. With the song Old McDonald, the user is able to change to one of the four seasons and experience a whole new feeling in the environment with just a tap.  “London Bridge” and “Old MacDonald” are sung by kids with the most endearing voices, while "Evening Song" is sung by a gentle adult voice that cries to be listened to again and again! Languages available for this educational application are English and German. As teachers with lots of experience in the primary setting, we were bowled over by the professionalism displayed in every nook and cranny of this app! The kids that we field tested this app with were enraptured with every aspect and element, and "WOW-O-WOW was heard over and over and over again! This app is beyond anything we have experienced to date. Our only regret is that we didn't have an opportunity to review it earlier! Little Fox will not disappoint and is an incredible steal at a mere $2.99. So, please don't run, the barrel on down to the app store and get this app right NOW! We corresponded with Mihaela from goodbeans and were given some background info: About goodbeans:  Founded in 2007 in Berlin, the company was focused on the development and publishing of the large online games Panfu ( and Oloko ( for kids across Europe throughout the last four years. It is present in fourteen countries with over half a million active users on the platform every month and revenue of four million Euro in 2011. With the renaming from Young Internet to goodbeans, the company has shifted its focus to mobile apps for families while keeping Panfu and Oloko as strong pillars of the company.  With Shape Mind’s “Nighty Night!”, the app of the year for 2011 in the US, which is available in six languages, and “Little Fox Music Box”, the app of the week worldwide, goodbeans expands its app portfolio further and strengthens its position in the market segment mobile apps for families and children. “Our children will not grow up using a PC, mouse, and keyboard. Touch devices are the future and a strongly growing market. Our aim is that goodbeans will be the number one mobile gaming company for families worldwide”  - Verena Delius, CEO of goodbeans. This is one app developer that has raised the bar even higher, we can't wait to see what is next...  
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