400x400bb-2LogicCity is the newest app from the award winning Minds on Play LLC. Minds on Play LLC received the prestigious Silver Medal at the International Serious Play Awards in 2015, for their prior release, LogicCity Junior. TWA reviewed this marvelous app for kids 9-11 here. And now much to our delight, they have come out with a version for kids 9 – 99. So what is LogicCity? It’s a highly addictive game that focuses on logic, and deductive reasoning to progress through increasingly more difficult layouts of shapes and color so that no two colors or shapes are in the same row or grouping. The best way to describe it is that it takes on the form of Sudoku, but kicks it up by adding in another attribute or layer. It’s a little bit trickier and has loads of variations to keep kids and adults challenged. In other words, it teaches students HOW to think in a systematic rational manner. The ability to apply logical reasoning and deduction directly impacts a student's performance in math, science, and daily life. Playing not only improves attention but also self-regulation and executive functioning skills. IMG_2186The layout of the city contains 7 buildings. Each building has different challenges to master, while still holding onto the basic rules of the game so as not to repeat a color or shape in a given game. Puzzlers are graded and begin simple and get more complex as the game progresses to build good logical sequencing and motivation. Students must first establish the rule to a group of puzzlers, hypothesize and try out a course of action, and adapt their response accordingly. This teaches flexibility and the ability to remain open to possibilities, but with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Success meets with happy music and smiling shapes, and if you are off, the game will help identify where you got tripped up so you can try again. I do appreciate that the answers are not supplied. I think it helps kids learn that failing at times is a way to rule out what does or doesn’t work as well as inviting collaboration and discussion between kids. Gameplay is designed so that kids can jump from one level to the next or get a sneak peek at what’s coming up next. Some of the games take 10-15 minutes or more to solve, so persistence is reinforced. IMG_2188IMG_2187Doing a few puzzles a day; really wakes up the thought processes, and ability to not only accept a challenge on an ongoing basis but to generalize that ability into other practical life skill areas. And this is what we need to be teaching in schools. Why do we do the things we do? It is not enough to give a rule…”We must clean up”, but also clue kids into why a rule is important. We clean up because it ends an activity so we can start another….or taxing demands have a timeline, and this hard arduous task has an ending – Whoo Hoo! Who doesn’t use deductive reasoning when planning menus, filling out a grocery list, or buying food based on what you have in the larder versus what is missing? The learning of these skills is life long and helps us make sense of the ever-changing world around us. They are grounding and self-affirming. Everyone needs to learn how to go from point A to point B. If we can’t, how do we put our socks on? Why do we put socks on, then shoes? Bottom line: we need to know that there is a predictable logical order to our world in order to feel secure, and it’s that stable base that helps us to discover and build bigger constructs of how things work. IMG_2191The puzzles used as an alerting tool during the day or as a reward will help build kids confidence and competencies in learning to problem solve by evaluating the elements or facts in a situation. A trial version with IAP is also available, and the app is made for either the iPhone or iPad. LogicCity is a Top Pick and Highly Recommended.  
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