Log(n) Transforms Great Hearts Academies’ Admissions With Student Enrollment System

83853c61773288470b71abf47a61dcc5_biggerLog(n), a leading design and engineering firm, has partnered with Great Hearts Academies, a national network of high-performing K-12 charter schools, to launch an automated, scalable, cloud-based Student Enrollment System that simplifies the challenging and time-consuming school admissions process. For Great Hearts' administrators, the system automatically processes and tracks applications, calculates waitlists and generates data about a school's applicant pool to assist with planning and budgeting. For Great Hearts' applicants, the new system employs a user-friendly interface that enables families to securely submit applications for multiple schools and children and manage them from a single account. It sends status updates, notifies students of lottery results and allows users to complete the entire registration process for the school year online. "The system saves school staff hours of work each week, and savings in time and money allow us to concentrate on the most important thing—providing our families with a top-tier preparatory education in a fully public and tuition-free setting," said Great Hearts' CEO, Dr. Dan Scoggin. Scoggin adds, "While there were a number of options on the market, we were unable to find an off-the-shelf product that could effectively handle the complex enrollment demands of a multi-state charter school network with a need for lotteries, sibling/employee priority status, and full data integration with a student information system." "We reached out to other high-performing schools to find out what solutions were being used," said Great Hearts' CFO, Ward Huseth. "Rocketship Education gave us a demo of the system Log(n) had developed for them and we were impressed. The team at Log(n) was expert at understanding the specific challenges Great Hearts faced and translated them into a solution that was on time, on budget and simple for us to implement." Great Hearts initially contracted Log(n) in the summer of 2012 to build a system with advanced analytic capabilities to allow Great Hearts to assess demand and strategize for expansion. To date, the new Enrollment System has received and processed over 14,000 applications to 16 Great Hearts Academies for the 2012-2014 school years. Log(n) Co-founder & COO, Forum Desai, notes that "the Great Hearts Enrollment System can process thousands of applications per day and gives Great Hearts unprecedented statistical insight into the demographics of the communities they serve. This allows them to identify key opportunities for growth by analyzing any given year's enrollment data. This is a service that has revolutionized the admissions process for Great Hearts and can do the same for any public, private, or charter school system." About Great Hearts Academies: Great Hearts Academies is one of the top not-for-profit charter school operators in the country. Great Hearts is proving that schools can do a superb job of educating students if they are smaller, more efficient, and set higher expectations for all students through a core, classical liberal arts curriculum.  It currently manages 16 schools with over 7,000 students in Arizona and will begin to open schools in Texas next year. For more information about Great Hearts:www.greatheartsaz.org About Log(n): Log(n) is a software design and engineering firm that helps companies create top-notch products that focus on innovation, quality, and performance. Specializing in Educational Technology, the company has partnered with numerous leaders in education including Rocketship Education, Edmodo, Pearson, Kidaptive, Goalbook and others to bring innovative learning solutions and management systems to classrooms worldwide. For more information about Log(n):www.logn.co Contact: Jinal Jhaveri, Founder & CEO 565 Commercial Street, Suite 200 San Francisco, CA 94111 Phone: (415) 894-2656 Email LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/company/logn This press release was issued through eReleases® Press Release Distribution. For more information, visit http://www.ereleases.com.  
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