LOL - Toddlers vs Tablets! Can a tablet survive play by a group of toddlers?

Our kids love our tablet computers. They always want to copy us and play with them. But as such young kids think everything’s as indestructible as Duplo, we don’t always want them playing with our tablets. But what if we had a tablet that could survive the toddler test? Does such a thing exist?

Doing my due diligence and checking out what apps and toys would be making a splash under the tree this year, I came across this hysterical video. When this type of discovery happens you get the feeling that you've been living under a rock in some undeveloped country and it is always such a joy that you immediately want to share! I've never heard of this company before or come across their Lowdown Page, in my endless pursuit to stay current in the app world, and never have I seen anything of this caliber done so well. With the holidays upon us, it seemed like a perfect time to share this adorable tongue and cheek scenario! Enjoy, LOL - Toddlers vs Tablets

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