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coming-soonLove Highlights magazine? Highlights Every Day! Then you’ll love our NEW app, Highlights Every Day — more games, puzzles, reading and original videos to enjoy EVERY day!

Get new jokes, new original videos, new puzzles, every single day with Highlights Every Day!

Here’s more Fun with a Purpose™ from the publisher your family has trusted for generations to help kids become their best selves. Highlights Every Day has been created for the new ways children engage with the world, making their screen time so much more than play time!

Try FREE for 7 days and get: • Original videos, including joke reels, animated learning clips and Ask Highlights Kids shorts • Engaging stories, poems, and reading activities • Skill-building Hidden Pictures® puzzles, mazes, word clues and more • Fascinating interactive quizzes • Hundreds of activities — there’s always something new to play Available for phone and tablet. screen640x640 For 70 years, Highlights for Children has been helping kids become their best selves through Fun with a Purpose™ magazines, puzzle clubs, games, books, toys and digital products. Founded by Dr. Garry and Caroline Myers in 1946, Highlights was built on the belief that “Children Are the World’s Most Important People™.” Today, every Highlights product is designed to help children become creative, curious, caring and confident.   imgres-2


The new Highlights Hidden Pictures app, created in partnership with Fingerprint, scored a win with American children, as downloads increased by more than 10 times over recent Sundays. The app rose quickly in the App Store to the #1 Kids Game and #2 Kids App overall on Sunday. While more than 100 million viewers watched the iconic football game around the globe, children and adults across America reached for their devices and played Hidden Pictures puzzles, searching for toothbrushes and bananas as well as footballs, whistles, and helmets.

A true hall of fame player, Hidden Pictures puzzles were popularized by Highlights for Children in the 1940s which have delivered more than one billion magazines to kids and families. A Hidden Pictures puzzle has appeared in every issue since the magazine's launch. The new app expands on the beloved play pattern in reimagined ways including timed and challenge modes to let kids test their search skills against the clock. New puzzles with a range of themes from sports and amusement parks to travel and history are added regularly.

Highlights Hidden Pictures is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets, bringing the fun of hunting for those hard-to-find items to a convenient, on-the-go format. New puzzles are delivered each month, bringing kids hours of Fun with a Purpose™. Touchdown for America's favorite kids' magazine!

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