The Magic Horn at The Wallace Collection

icon175x175The Magic Horn at The Wallace Collection by ArtTale is a wonderful new app that gives children the opportunity to meet and talk to famous artworks and have a scavenger hunt right from their smartphones/iPad! The Magic Horn is an educational edutainment adventure for kids recommended ages 8–12 and it is based on works of art in London's Wallace Collection. That doesn't mean that this game is strictly for that age group, we are sure some younger and plenty of older people will be playing this adventure game as well. There is certainly an app gap when it comes to finding engaging apps for slightly older children and this app can fill that void with easy access to a plethora of content. This app has been developed by a stellar team which included students from the Wallace's Young Curator Program which includes local school children. Surely these lucky kids have been learning a great deal as well as cultivating a love of the arts. IMG_1239The app opens with a Game 1, a challenge for all players to find the Golden Horn, which has been stolen and is being blown which is wreaking havoc in the kingdom of Ghostland.Cornelius, the narrator, and guardian of  the spirit world challenges you to enter a dark foreboding staircase to face the ghosts and begin your dangerous quest... Throughout this quest, you are confronted with choices and choose your path to recover The Magic Horn and return it to safety. Knights in shining armor with talking horses confront you, paintings come to life, and kings give advice. Along the way you collect and give tokens to an array of characters who help open the doors to finding the Magic horn and returning it to Cornelius (a trusty friend by now as he has been by your side giving you hints along the way). You are then given the option to continue the second half of the quest or take a break, the game automatically saves the player's place. Game 2 consists of finding an upstanding and worthy individual to blow the horn and you will be confronted by hermits, reuniting skulls, and mysterious fortune tellers. Of course, there is much more, possible slaying of dragons or rescuing damsels in distress... The developer's intentions of engaging children to explore, look, think and play are all brilliantly realized and children have been exposed to reading, history, culture, mythology, art, and much more critical thinking skills by cracking codes, solving puzzles, as well as meeting a remarkable cast of characters. Here in this setting the artwork does COME TO LIFE and the animation is completely realistic, what are you waiting for? You too can join the secret Order of the Horn and experience an enchanting crusade to reunite the living and the dead with striking works of art from the  Wallace Collection. images-10 The game has two modes (each with its own compatible features): 'home' and 'museum'. The home mode is the default; the museum mode is activated only when children are onsite at the Wallace Collection, when they can both play and interact with the actual works of art in situ.  
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