Make Creative Photo Collages

EASY as 123 The Internet offers many tools for editing and organizing your digital images, one such tool is FotoJet a totally free online collage maker that includes different options to customize your designs. Make cool creative photo collages with your digital photos or images with total ease, let's look at how it works. This platform has a straightforward interface and is easy to handle. It also allows the user to design creative productions such as photo collages, posters, social media, etc. with many pre-designed templates and tools that are available, without prior registration. Upon entering the website, you will find a button to GET STARTED. Clicking the button, you will enter the create page, here you will see different themes to edit and arrange your images. For example, you can design colleges for any project based learning activity, make posters, or create your own signs or cards. Fotojet is not made specifically for the classroom, it can also be used at home for all different kinds of projects. After selecting the topic of your choice, you will see some preloaded templates. However, you can upload your own photos and drag them to the framework to begin editing. It’s very convenient to use the Fill feature to fill the frames automatically. Among its tools, FotoJet includes 13 filters to change the tone of the image and some bars that allow you to adjust the exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue. In addition to this, the user can modify the “zoom” and the orientation of the image. FotoJet also integrates text editing functions, with 30 font styles provided by the developer and basic fonts configured from your computer. Options such as italics, bold or underlined are also available. In addition, the size and font color can be changed. The final works can be saved on your computer or simply shared on social media. It’s never easier to make a great visual - no registration, no downloads, no fees. EASY as 1 2 3...   NCSoft
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