Make no assumptions and be pleasantly surprised


Front and Center - 1986

Make no assumptions and be pleasantly surprised was my first of many mantras as a special education teacher. I remember the disappointment and surprise as a rookie teacher when one of my third graders pointed at a bird on the playground and said,"look at the duck!" It was really a seagull, and the community we resided in was surrounded by beaches. How could she have not known that? You quickly learn that nurture vs. nature both play a huge role in who a kid is. That incident was 28 years ago. The good news is we were able to pull up this wonderful interactive map website on our trusty PC’s (that we were lucky enough to have four of). We weren't able to Google birds or specifically where we lived, but we did learn some US Geography. Back in the day the kids were asking me the name of the site rather than the app, so they could play at home. If you DO have access to iPads, here are two great apps to learn about USA Geography: State Bingo and US Roadtrip by Niyaa Apps Geography Drive USA by Spinlight Studios USA_NamesPrint  
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