Making Spelling Fun!

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Making Spelling Fun!

Educational apps in the classroom are becoming a building block of our curricula.  Teachers know they need to have apps that are skill-based, intriguing for our kids, and user-friendly for everyone.  As we know, having students using apps in the classroom is a great alternative to the more traditional ways of practicing skills.

Teaching and learning through games is a great way to keep kids engaged, motivated, and learning while having fun.  For more selfish reasons, I also really like apps in the classroom because they usually involve minimal instruction from the teacher on how to use it.  The kids are so knowledgeable on the functionality of apps - even if it is a new one they have never used before. The gameplay and flow of apps are universally very similar.  So for our technologically inclined students, they usually are already fully immersed in gameplay before you finish explaining directions.

There are so many apps for so many different subjects and it is hard to know which ones are worth precious storage space on our devices.  Genius Plaza makes several awesome educational apps, but one of my favorites is called Spelling Bee.  As most elementary teachers know, mastering spelling on a list of core spelling words is part of the weekly routine.  This can be painful and tedious for the kids, especially if they are not strong spellers.  There are different strategies you can have your kids use to improve using words or understanding phonics.  However, by offering them a game option, they are allowed to take a different approach in learning to spell.  It is fun and can be done instead of or in addition to the other word work they do in class.

Spelling Bee users are given a word at the beginning of the game play that the audio plays for them, then they control a bee to fly into the correct letters sequentially to spell the word.  They can hear the word repeatedly if needed, and If they make a mistake, they are given two more tries before they are given the correct spelling of the word.  I really like the gameplay in that they are given three chances to get it correct.  This gives the students the chance to self-correct and lowers the frustration level.

One of the greatest things about this app is that a teacher can create this game and modify it however they want.  For example, they can use the week’s spelling words, or names of the continents and oceans, or the newest high-frequency words learned, or any other type of spelling activity.  This game can be created in less than two minutes, and the kids will LOVE it.

Try one of the many Genius Plaza educational apps today.  Whether the kids are using them at home or in the classroom, they will never be bored, and will always be learning!

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